Friday, October 25, 2013

Oct. 14 & 21, 2013 Letter

Oct. 21, 2013

Hey family!

I cant believe little beanie baby is 16 years old haha. I never saw a bill to pass in order to give her permission to do this. I veto'edd that! >:) haha but I am proud to be a member of such a good looking family. Everyone seems to be falling in the right places in the Cramer family puzzle. And yes if I can I think it would be better to be on the fall/winter track as well. And I promise you mom I will spend less time under the bed and more time in the library hitting the books haha. Like I mentioned to mom we have a baptism this week for a less active family that reactived and we are going to baptize her 13 year old son and his 8 year old brother. They are basically pros and Jose acts alot like Ryan I think in many ways haha. Today we had  zone activities and President came so I had to guard him in basketball. Not really but he is good at basketball for an old guy ha. His power doesn't only come from the gospel. So that was really fun and now I am pretty wiped out haha. We had interviews this last week as well and afterwards President bought us tacos and it was nice to get to know him more on a personal level.. This Sunday we are going to do something that I have never done before.. Our Stake President asked us to teach all of the bishops in our stake. So President Flores, my companion, and I will be teaching all of the bishops this sunday about obedience and that when God commands we obey. So that will be a once in a lifetime experience I think haha. I have never taught with President Flores so I am stoked. But thanks very much for the fitness stuff. I am starting to lose weight again like I hoped I would :) Gotta be fit like the rest of the fam. But good job mom with the job! You will do great! And wow I will be seeing you guys in 8 weeks and one month from today (skyping for Christmas) I will be an old man of 21 years old.. Weird. :( 

Oh well haha

Have a wonderful week and remember the challenge Ballard gave us. A friend or family before christmas!

Elder Cramer

October 14, 2013
Hey hey!

The zone is doing good right now. We have 2 ex zone leaders that are training and they had to talk to us yesterday because they want help to stay focused on the mission. It is such a weird period when someone will be leaving the mission it seems because you are in the middle of thinking about yourself again and focusing on the mission. But they can call us whenever they need to. This week we will have interviews with President and that will be fun to be close to him. I thought I was going to get transferred today but another 2 weeks at least here in San Luis with Elder Nuñez. So I am going to try and find some new investigators this week! That is the goal. :) We have a family that was less active and in 2 weeks we are going to baptize Jose because he has not been baptized yet so for that I am grateful! That is the goals for right now. We are trying to stay focused and also we will be opening another area in 2 weeks. Valle Verde 3 so they will have 6 missionaries. We will see how that turns out ha :) That is great that you could go out and spend time with the fam dad! Did my tape come for Jackie yet? I miss you guys and I want you to know that I love you all.. :) Lots of hugs and make sure to let Kolten. Jackie. Scott know that I miss them all too.

Love elder cramer

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wow... Conference was a blessing :)

I got to see every meeting of conference except the one for the women obviously.. which I will download later on to hear. My two favorite talks were about the African 70 Dube or something like that about not looking back and that we need to take our covenants seriously and that it is not enough to say that we have accomplished this or that but what is important is what are we doing right now. Also the other talk with Elder Uchtdorf about joining us and that the church requires so much of the members but it is the only way because God requires our hearts. I loved that he said the church is perfect but the membrs are not and never will be because I was thinking that in Ephisians it says that we have a church function to be perfected in Christ so that is the whole reason we have a church. Really I loved every talk because I took 13 pages of notes and a lot of their messages struck me. When Elder Eyring talked about the boy in prison and the mother questioning God, it made me cry. God loves us so much sometimes we don't even realize it.. What blessings. I was sad that conference ended because now I have to wait 6 more months for the next one. 
This week we had exchanges with the assistants and I learned a lot from Elder Tarrega. We also had our zone leader council and we learned lots in regard to studying for our investigators to transfer the spirit to them. Did my tape for Jackie arrive? How is the family? I am so jealous of Carli because I want to go to conference! Actually I have a goal for our family that we can all go together, and if that is impossible at least Ryan, dad and I together like a priesthood party. I bet it was great to go to priesthood with Ryan for the first time! What a blessing to have a dad that honors his priesthood. Ryan be grateful because I now know a ton of people that do not have that blessing :) I liked that it talked about how much the women in our lives also play such an important role for the priesthood. Really a priesthood holder is nothing without his wife and support like Thomas S Monson was telling us. What a grand testimony our prophet has about the plan of salvation. Je knows he will be with his wife again. This is the church of God there is no doubt! (EXCLAMATION MARK) I will doubt my doubts before I doubt my faith :D Thanks for being such an excellent family and I will be so happy when the day comes that we can do the work for Aunt Inez. she will accept the truth lickity split! Keep working in the truth and do what Elder Ballard invited us to do. EVERY MEMBER has to invite someone before Christmas... Keep it in your mind that those 10 investigators can be 20 and 10 baptismal dates. Don't conform yourselves :)

Love Elder Cramer 
P.S. I got to watch it in English hehe :)
September 30, 2013 letter
hey hey hey hey :)

Wow how fantastic that you were able to baptize someone dad. I bet it reminded you of your mission a tad huh? Are all of his kids baptized already as well? If not you have some more work to do for sure. And how many missionaries will you have in the ward then? Is the Spanish branch also increasing a little bit? What are the stake goals that you have put with President? Thanks for sending those things as I want come home a spiritual and physical giant :) At least something to start out with. I am trying to prepare a lot of people for the gospel. I am talking to like 10 friends every Monday and trying to fit in small reminders of God every time. Graham really needs some help these days. He moved back in with his mom because she had a heart attack and I think it would be worth it to try and teach him again.  He would make a great person to be baptized because there are a lot of things he would like to change about himself and he doesn't know how. He needs the plan of salvation. se le encargo :)  How is Jackie doing anyways. I have emailed her like 3 times and she doesn't have time for me apparently. No I bet she is busy. Let Kolten know I am stoked to help him prepare for the mission along with Carli. We can go out with the missionaries and teach a bunch of our friends. It'll help him a lot I think. And our zone capacitation was really good I think we are always focusing on practices now and President really focused about getting along with our latino companions because sometimes the culture differences don't help us have the spirit with us but I don't have a problem with that at all. I have loved all of my companions. The trick that I try to use is what dad told me like a year ago, trying to find out why God put with him and what can I learn from him and I try thinking.. if he were my wife (this is really hilarious, oh Logi) what would I do to serve him? so that is what has helped me haha. Tomorrow we have exchanges with the assistants and then this Thursday we have zone leader council. Then 2 weeks from today we have changes so who knows what will happen. You should also give a calling to your new member there because I feel bad for alot of new converts here because our ward council doesn't do anything and we have 6 recently baptized priesthood holders and each without callings... :( Sometimes I feel this ward doesn't want to grow. But we are trying to help them. At the meeting we had with President Flores and our Stake President Jasso, we set some goals for him and to try and get the work going.  I felt like I was helping a lot of people in that meeting and it is fun working with the big hot shots haha :) I hope you are all doing wonderful and I am looking forward so much to seeing the prophet. Today we have a family home evening and a less active that we are teaching,  is going to invite 2 friends that went to church yesterday! So we are excited :)

Elder Cramer