Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 13 and 20, 2013 letter

May 13, 2013

Hey family!

Long time no talk :) I am so glad you have been chosen to be my family. God knew that I needed a ton of support from you all :D  But my journal is still constant and I am always trying to put at least a few details of what happened and how I felt throughout the day in the mission. Because I know that I will love to see how the mission was later on and my future kids and things like that!  But this week like I told mom I am really going to try and help our investigators go to the church because it has been 2 weeks without any. It makes me sad. But that is why we need to try and try some more until we eventually have success! I know I am doing the right here on the mission!

I am going to leave this one short because I don't have that much time!

May 20, 2013

Dear family and my fans haha :)

This week was a good week because we finally had investigators in the chapel and there were 3! So we are really going to focus on them this week so that we can get them some baptismal dates and that they can recognize the spirit that this message can bring. It is so sweet to see all of the activities each of you are up to and my with her garden and dad is just shredding off the pounds like grated cheese is what the grapevine is telling me. Thank you for inviting Jackie and Kolten to skype with me as well, our family was extended a little bit. this week that is coming up looks promising as we are trying to invite more and more people to Christ here in San Pedro.. I think every area in our mission will receive a big boost of inspiration this Saturday when we will be in the presence of an apostle of God! that is the reason why I am mainly excited for this week! My stomach today has really been upset and I had to buy some pepto and all but I will recover today I know and will be ready to work in the night time! I had a good interexchange this week with our zone leaders and Elder Starkey helped me learn a lot. I like that each Elder has his own method of teaching and his own form. It is great to see how the people react to each style of teaching and each personality! This Friday I will have another baptismal interview so I am excited for that and I expect that he will be ready for the waters of baptism!! I am really enjoying all of my new responsibilities and they keep me in line and busy.

May 27, 2013 letter

Dear Family!

That temperature thing made me laugh because I would love to have your weather right now! And that is so great that everyone is doing so good right now. Carli is already leaving "noooooo." And breanna is gonna have a ton of scars on her legs from her new board or from ryans karate.. I am not sure which one. Dad is gonna be a fitness model when I see him next.. Mom will have a gardening show on the Oprah show. Curt and Vanessa will be professors at BYU Provo before I know it and I will come back and have no idea what in the world is going on. But I am happy that everything is so swell. I had the best week on my entire mission because Elder Holstrom and Elder Holland came and just blew me away with what they had to say to us. Elder Holstrom invited us to take this message and make changes to our lives and mission so he set up the playing field for Elder Holland. And then Elder Holland just came and he was the best. He cracked me up one second and the next he was humbling me and the next the spirit was there. he was basically begging us to bring a convert home with us.. Being ourselves.. they are not asking from us numbers they are asking that we convert ourselves and serve the Lord with everything we have so that we can have the spirit with us at all times and so we can have a lot of success here in the mission and then we can come back and have the lives that heavenly father would have liked. He told us about Moses 1:39... And he said "This is not Burger King.. You cannot have it your way.. Why? Because this is "MY WORK AND MY GLORY"  He told us that when we finally figure out that this is the work of the Lord and not our own that is when we will see miracles in the lives of others. He then was talking about in Helaman how they taught with authority and power. And how he wrote that 3 times in like 3 verses. And he asked us.. "Why does he say that 3 times.. He is writing this on plates of gold with a huge ice pick and he takes the time to write it 3 times that they had power and authority!" He explained that we need to have that power and that we need to make the ground shake like it did for Alma for our investigators that we have the salvation in our hands and if we do the work like the Lord wants they will be converts but we need to be those converts first. I loved it all and I made some new goals for myself on the mission. Because he also told us what dad always tells me. That this is the only time I can serve the Lord 24/7.. Take advantage of it!

I know this is the only true church. I want to represent it in a way that God would be pleased with me. God Lives and Christ directs this work.

Love Elder Cramer

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 6, 2013 Logan in enjoying his time as District Leader

hey hey mi familia bonita!
So this was my first week in San Pedro being District Leader and training and I had my first district meeting and I think it went really well! ActuallyIi was not nervous one bit and0 I like my new responsibilities to help and encourage the other missionaries. This week was a tad tough because my companion and I don't even know who the members are or where they live because he only has a few days more than me here. But that is the fun part to get familiar with the region and the new people we get to work with. This Sunday we had about 50 people in the chapel and it made me want to help this branch more than ever! This week we are focused to bring more people to the church of God and help them make this branch a ward someday! And the President here is really nice. He has been President for along time already but he is still serving with passion. We don't have a mission leader yet but I think we will be assigned one in these next coming days hopefully. I had my first baptismal interview this week and that was an extraordinary experience because I get to see the incredible changes in the people before they get baptized. I am happy that God has given me this blessing to be a district leader. My zone leaders are really easy to work with and we are trying to strengthen this region of the mission. Basically there are only 3 areas in my district. San Pedro, Aguanueva, and Parras. We are all really small but that is okay because God does great things in small ways. My companion and I (Elder Muñoz) already get along fantastic because we can joke around in the street and have fun while doing the work of the Lord. He is from Chili and he has a neat accent. I imagine that to be a little bit of the accent in Spain. But there are really rough sand storms here that blinds us and we are basically eating dirt. But it is an experience worth having. I will send a few pictures to you about that. This Sunday we are going to try to skype you all. I am not sure what time that is in USA or if it is the same time. And I am stoked to see and hear from all of you and Jackie and Kolten. I send my love and I hope you know that we are all being blessed for every small part of missionary work we do. So Get to it and share the word of our savior Jesus Christ. And dad my scripture that I want on my plaque is Philipians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. :)
Love Elder Cramer