Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 20, 2012 - Letter to the Family

Helllo Family and Friends!
Elder Cramer here just for another update :)
I just wanted to note that i am getting kind of close to finishing the book of mormon as i am in helaman right now. And the temple is such an amazing place i am glad mom and dad got the chance to go visit again. It is so nice to have a temple so close to the MTC though it is just a few minute walk away haha. I am spoiled over here :) Yesterday we had a 70 come and talk to us and he talked about alot of things mostly about revelation and how alot of people seek it and expect a huge vision of some sort but really it is as easy as just highlighting a scripture in your book of mormon or just writing your thoughts down as you read. I really took that to heart and i realized that it is so true! Revelation just naturally flows if we are "good boys and girls" as bednar said in a talk. And alot of the times if we are prompted to do something and do not know why it is still revelation even if we do not know the direct affect of what we did. I recieve an email from one of dad employers from Blue Ash YMCA and she told me that i have great parents and that they are really great examples! I could not agree more and i find it really eye opening that someone would write me and tell me that :) Tender mercies of the lord i tell you, tender mercies. :) I want to share probably the most spiritual moment i have had in my life thus far except probably baptizing ryan. We had a testimony meeting with my district yesterday after devotional as usual. This time is literally my favorite time of all because i love my district to death and half of them at are going to heromosillos mexico are leaving a week early. So our district family will be split up. This hit alot of us hard i think and it showed in all of the testimonies. I all seriousness i cried like my dad during it because the spirit touched me so much. Elder hair talked about how he wasn't planning on going on a mission but his parents challenged him to read the book of mormon and he prayed about it after ward in his bed one night and alls he could feel was this rush feeling and he just broke down and the only thought that came through his head was that he is going to serve a mission. Another Elder, Elder Elsmore talked about when he first met our district he had a feeling like he has seen all of us before.. And he couldn't shake that feeling off of him. And it was not until yesterday that it dawned on him. He said he felt in his heart taht he has met us 11 in the heavens before this earth and that he was placed in our district for a reason to prepare to teach those precious souls of mexico. he said he knows he will also see us again to share our experiences if not in this life then the next. As if my heart wasn't touched enough our district leader Elder Penaugt gave a heart felt testimony about how he has been through alot of trials and how satan worked on him really hard so that he didn't serve his mission but he finally made it and he has never been more happier and that he knows that all of us will do wonders on our mission. These are just a few of the dedicated and loving elders that are out on missions right now about ready to give their all for a cause they know to be true. I am proud to stand before them and serve along side them and the Lord for such a cause as this. I know this is a true church and our Lord in heaven loves us. He has no other purpose than to give us all the opportunities in this life that he had so we can become just as he is someday.
Ryan thanks so much for writing me, the MTC is fantastic and i can't wait until i can support you on your mission and return the favor buddy! I love you and the rest of our family Mucho! And i realllly want a sumbrero haha. keep up the good work back home!
P.S. add this email to the email list please. He is my first teacher here that had to leave because he is getting married and he is probably the biggest positive influence for me so far on my mission. I love hermano Moberg with all my heart. I want to be like him as a return missionary :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

June 13, 2012 -Family

Hey Family!
Just wanted to updated all of you for this week here at the MTC. I love it here more and more. I mean the schedule every week is basically the same but it is fantastic all of the new and sacred things that i hold dear that can be learned here time and time again. This week Elder Moore and i taught a TRC lesson (or a lesson to a member) for 40 minutes! That is the longest we have ever taught before. All of it was in spanish. We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ which is basically just the purpose of a mission which is to "invite others to come unto christ by helping them recieve the gospel of christ throgh faith in jesus christ, his atonement, baptism, the gift of the holy ghost, and lastly enduring to the end" It was one of our best lessons yet i think. Our other two investigators are going smoothly. Roberto (An investigator hermano ball had on his mission. He acts and plays the role of him as we teach. So it is like teaching roberto) is progressing a ton and we are going to commit him to baptism this week and Sebastion (not crabgrass, But he is Hermano Moburg's best friend that he has been working on the gospel with) is making important decisions in his life. I love teaching but it can be rough if you do not prepare of if you are having any cross feelings with your companion or not. It really shows in your lessons  if you have any at all lol. Yesterday we had a devotional from one of the 70. Per G. Malm i think was his name. He is a way sweet man. you can definately tell he is a man of god. He gave great advice on how to work hard and how a desire, working hard, and faith are all interconnected. But my favorite part that i hold dear and i shared in our district testimony meeting is when he said "We are on the Lord's Errand. That means he will bless us and be with us always. He will give us ANGELS to look over us." That part almost made me cry because it reminded me of my setting apart when i was blessed to have angels look over me. I know in my heart that is Grandpa Delbert watching over me and helping me become who the lord would have me be. Other than that i am falling in love with the Book of Mormon. I am in chapter f40 something of alma right now and i am just highlighting like some kind of animal because all of it is so good. I know for a fact all of the scriptures were made for us IN THIS DAY AND AGE. We can learn so much from the words of god. there are so many good examples of faithful servants of god. My favorite two are Obinidi and Ammon. I want to have enough faith to create miracles just as they did. Tomorrow at 5 a.m. 2 other torreon bound missionaries and i are flying to Las Vegas to get our visas. It is so crazy that in 3 weeks i will be a Mexi-Gringo. But i am honored to have the opportunity to do so. I just need to surrender myself to the Lord's will and forget about the rest! Breanna thanks so much for your letter. As always i love my family and i am glad god has given me such a fantastic support group haha. *Hugs and Kisses* Happy bday carli!! Dad i am happy to hear you are just a machine with your bionic leg and ryan you best be soaking up the rays in the pool haha. I always enjoy dear elders and i wanna haer more from Bre carli and ryan. Love everyone mucho y con mi todo corozon. Hasta Luego!
Elder Cramer

Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 6, 2012 - To Family

Hey Family!

Elder Cramer here with another important news feed to keep you updated for the week.

I am Elder Cramer and i will be your host today
This week has been a grand week full of spirituality, lessons prepared, taught, and distributed!
My companion and i are beginning to see the benefit of our hard work with the language and the lesson studies. Each time we become more in sync when it comes to unison and asking lots of questions. One thing i have been working on is sharing roles because in the beginning elder moore struggled with the language and i basically had to give it myself but as time goes on it realize we work better together and i really stresss letting him do and say more because he has a beautiful testimony and the more opportunities he recieves the more golden he becomes. I am greatful for him because Elder Moore helps me in the gospel and i help him with the language some. I also do at times get frustrated with spanish but it really is the true langage of zion :P it is 100% more beautiful than english. I often find myself struggling to pray in english now because i have been praying in spanish for over a month now.
Yesterday we had a devotional from a member of the chorum of the 70. His wise words were remarkable. I wrote 4 pages of notes. (btw i have never wrote more in my life between devotional, fireside, tesimonies, lesson plans, journal, and Libro de Mormon revelation.) But he said taht we are agents of the lord and that everything we do reflects him. that really hit home and also when he said Gordon B Hinckley worked and did his duty to god up until 3 days before he passed away dispite all the things go on in his life, that struck a chord for me. President Hinckley was no doubt a man of god. I hope to see that humble man in the celestial kingdom some day. Also he said that he doesnt know how people take their covenants so lightly in this life... I love this man and the words he spoke to us. I am grateful to be a servant of the one true church on this earth today. I am grateful for an amazing family on eath here today and also a loving family in the cielos. Yo se que jesucristo es nuestro salvador. Yo se que El murrio por nuestros pecados y fue el veradero disciplo de dios. Estoy muy agradisido por la expacion y jose smith porque sin el translucion, no tenemos la verdad in este dispensacion. En el nombre de jesucrost amen.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

May 23 {letter to Vanessa}

LOL vanessa your letter made me laugh a ton while other missionaries are typing so now they think im a creep. So be it... ;) But it surely has been an awesome roller coaster of emotions since i have been here. Spanish can get awfully frustrating at times sis! But i have been given the gift of tongues and i have the spirit as a constant companion to enlighten things unto me. I realize i have to rely on the spirit for basically everything i do here. It is crazy. We have 2 investigators that we are teaching right now (Our Teachers act as investigators from there mission and we have to teach lessons and we have to find out their needs) Also we do TRC which we have to teach lessons to real members. That i think is one of the funnest things to do because alot of the time we go in there and try to teach them but they wind up teaching us... Silly :)
Oh and good luck in your photography. May the photo be with you! You will do great like always though. and i bet carli loved that you got pictures for her. that was awfully meaningful i reckon. :)
Love you sis and thanks for the wonderful thoughts!

June 6th, 2012 {letter to Vanessa}

Whats good in the hood? I am just chillin in the gospel like i should! Um to answer your questions i am not fluent haha but i am doing so much better haha. I love being able to talk and say alot in lessons and such it is just hard when you get stuck on one random tense or word but that will all come with time no doubt in mi mente. But i have had too many amazing experiences to just say one. Every talk or devotional or fireside or testimony meeting has really started to help mold me and make me want to change my life to be more closer to christ. It is really mind opening as to what is important in life and to what isnt haha. The hardest part is definately the language and comparing myself to other missionaries honestly because some missionaries seem like they are built to teach others and share their light. I love their examples though and try to become like them. love you sis very much!@!
Elder Cramer

May 30th 2012

Hello family!
This is just about a month of being here at the MTC and everything pretty much only gets better here except for one thing--the food gets incredibly repetetive here haha. Which is fine in the long run. I am about half way done with the book of mormon and i am absolutely loving it. I don't know why i haven't truely dove into it earlier haha! Yesterday we had a gentleman from the 70 come and talk to us about the importance of the Book of Mormon and the converting power it has when accompanied by the holy ghost. And it is true as blue because the Libro De Mormon is the best resource we have as missionaries to show people the truth and restored gospel of jesus christ on this earth today. If you think about it, with out the priesthoood.. the book of mormon would be a nice fairytale, baptisms would be a bath, temple ordanences would be a fantasy, and blessings would just be kind thoughts. I am so grateful for the priesthood and the restoration on the earth today. Without it there would be no book of mormon or any kind of fulness on the earth today. We would be stuck in a permanent apostacy. And who likes those anyways? :) I am going to try in the next month that i have here, to finish and complete the book of mormon cover to cover. Because how am i expected to teach those about the divine nature of a book that i have not truely read entirely for myself? I cannot. The book of mormon is true. And the power it has to make your heart want to change is tremendous. I hope you as a family are striving to read and apply the book in your lives :)
Dear ryan,
If you have grown a little already i am going to have to ask you to stop. There is a speed limit on the highways but in life there is a growth limit for you. Only one inch a year. Shake on it! And i wanna hear all about your races or your adventures this summer. Or else wilbur is going to get it and that is not fun for anyone. If you ever want to swing by in mexico and say hi just mount wilbur and trot on by. I'm sure the people of mexico could go for some bacon anyways :P Love you brother with all my heart and i hope you are preparing for your time as a missionary that will come faster than you could possibly know!
Dear Breanna,
I hope that you haven't made the state of indiana run out of BBQ sauce. That could cause alot of problems for those big hairy farmers that love BBQ. Don't worry, if you did i won't telltoo many people. Also make sure in the summer you practice bball with dad and curt. And if you forget to box out just remember how i used to box you out in the family room. take good care of rug since the last time i saw her she was trying to get the heck out of dodge. :) Love lots logan
Dear Carli,
Did you get accepted to every college in the country yet? If you say no then i would have to accuse colleges in other countries of offering scholarships as well then. You know, there are plenty of sturdy young men here at the MTC that look like they need a strong young women when they get back. I told them to keep an eye  out for you in 2 years. I hope you are doing good and i hope you are making good use of that piano. You were doing great and i can't wait to give a gander when i get home. Love you much carli!
Did i mention i love you and i hope you are staying strong :) It probably will give you peace of mind that when i am in mexico i will be protected from God. I promise to not make any silly jokes or get too wild where i would need a leash on me. So hopefully i will not stir up any kind of mexico revolution or something. My spanish is getting a little better everyday and i hope to be at least somewhat useful when i get to the field. Mom i love you for all time and eternity :)))
I have been writing in my diario cada dia y ahorra estoy muy divertido en el noche escribir mi experencias para mi ninos y my familia. I can't wait until i get the chance to come home and just laze on the couch and strike up a 5 hour convo in espanol. I am starting to understand why you think spanish is so beautiful of a language. It makes english seem like some sort of primative language in all honesty! I am trying each day to be a bit more dilegent in my studies because i know that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and sometimes, us cramers can get distracted! But i know the lord is with me and i pray constantly for the companionship of the holy ghost and a desire to learn as much as possible. Viva en Mexico. Siempre y por todo vez, Yo les quiero. Mi familia es muy importante en mi vida y yo quiero ser consigo en cielos. Yo se que nuestro padre celestial nos ama y el quiere que son mejor para nosotros. Este evangelio is verdadero y la iglesia de jesus cristo de los santos de los ultimos dios es jesucristo iglesia en la tierra hoy.
Les quiero mucho,
Elder Cramer

May 9, 2012 - Mom/Family

Awh thanks mom! and yes i am doing grand. the waking up early can get me sometimes but being obedient is half of the test here! i sent a letter today so you guys should be getting it soon. Umm the first day was rough but i love it and my companion is way sweet. and i saw shaye and kaden and hayden should be comin real sooooon. I love the spirit i feel here and i love the lord. I went to the temple today and had a good experience. Yesterday for devotional  an apostle came and got me stoked about being a missionary. i am enjoying the MTC and i wont stop till i convert the nation of mexico!
Love elder cramer

 Hey Family!
Elder Cramer here and im a man of the lord :) I love the MTC and i love my whole district! There are 12 of us heading to mexico and they are all such good elders. My companion, Elder Moore, is 21 and he just got back from the army. He was in Iraq for like a year. Crazy huh? He and i get along great and even though his spanish isnt that great his spirit can be felt for miles! we are teaching juan which i said in the letter i sent to you but he is an awesome guy. He is from madrid and only understands spanish. The first lesson was brutal and i recieved many confused looks from him haha. But as the days come the more i can hear and say things in spanish. I credit that to the gift of tongues and i love being able to access it. I went to the temple this morning and the feelings that i feel there is totally worth going. You can definately feel a spirit there that you cannot feel anywhere else! I am trying to become an effective elder and day by day if i am obedient i have faith that my horizons will expand and my efforts will be for a great cause. I also said this in the letter as well but yesterdays devotional was amazing. Elder D. Todd Christopfferson came and spoked to us about the roles of the god head. He knew so much about the book of mormon it was mind boggling. But my favorite part was when he said that the first presidency need help so they called the 12 apostles, the apostles needed help so they called the 70's, the 70's needed help so they called upon the missionaries. And we as missionaries said yes to help in the greater cause to go to each corner of the earth and preach the gospel. I am honored to be engaged in such a work. Christofferson said that we are shoulder to shoulder with the apostles. he said that we are of one purpose and that purpose was to bring people unto Christ. I am grateful for the opportunity to be an instrument in the Lord's hands. I hope to be molded into the missionary and the kind of man God would have me be. I miss you guys and i hope you are all doing well. I know i am in good hands. And if i do get into trouible i have Elder Moore to do a barrel roll and take out some people :P. I miss you dad, mom, ryan, bre, carli, ness, curt, grandpa, grandma, tom, and many others. This experience of a mission is definately where i am supposed to be. Time to forget myself and get to work :)
Love Elder Cramer

May 23, 2012 {First email home}

Hey family and friends!
I am loving the MTC life. And my dad was right i have to watch the food because it is all you can eat and i don't wanna look like jabba the hut when i get home! The chocolate milk jeans are kicking in from dad though because i have a few glasses a day. I just got back from the temple and did initiatories. It is awesome to remember the covenants that i made and being able to do them for another individual that has passed already is a grand opportunity. My companion and i get to teach members every tuesday for 40 minutes. It is funny because we go in there and try to say our lesson in spanish and by the end of the lesson my companion are i are getting taught instead of us teaching the member. I love it though. And my teacher, Hermano Ball, has really helped me alot mostly by example but he is a great leader to me. He gets me stoked about mexico with all of his awesome stories!
Ryan, Great job on your race! i am just glad you didn't sniff everyone while you passed them. That woulda been a little odd :) but keep going buddy and keep being a good example for papa bear. With his surgey he should be able to run miles upon miles every morning with you! And hopefully u have a fun summer and get all brown from the pool like u usually do.
Carli, sounds like u had a blast at the lds prom! i bet you looked gorgeous. Keep chippin away at your education! you are as smart as they come :) Thanks for the dear elder you sent as well :)
Breanna, Haven't heard much from you. shows how much u care. Haha just kidding ;) hope you are doing grand.
Macy, you are a rug. But way to get mad at the cripple dog all the time. Patience is a virtue you silly.
Dad, i did get my clothes and i recieved all of your dear elders! I need the lightsaber by at least 3 weeks and i need it in blue. That is the one i wanted by the way so good eye :) Im glad you are feeling much better. Blessings of being a bishop i suppose! Can't wait to see you on p90x3 when i get back WOOT WOOT
My spiritual thought for now is that we can't lift others unless we are on higher ground. I love that because we need to first strengthen ourslves and build upon our own foundation before we can try to help others. And we have the best people on the earth today to be our spiritual lifters. Because they are on the highest ground namely Thomas S Monson.
Love you all
Elder Cramer