Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 29, 2013 moving to San Pedro and excited about new Leadership role

Hey family :)

(In response to dad's question about if his baptisms were going ahead on schedule.)  The family that I was talking about have baptismal dates for the 11th of May but last night they (the Mission) called me at 10:15 and said that I am transferring to San Pedro. And I will be training again. This time my companion is from Chile. His name is Elder Muñoz and so far from the 3 hours I've known him he is way cool and focused. He is a big fella haha. But also I am District Leader here and I already have to give my first district meeting tomorrow in the morning.  I am a little nervous and I will have to plan out in the night time what I am going to say and talk about. But apparently the Lord trusts me a lot to give me all of these leadership positions of a sudden . When I first got off the bus to San Pedro my companion forgot where we lived so we were there in the street with all of my suitcases and  a random lady gave us a ride and helped us find our house.  (Because my companion has only been here for a week.)  But we contacted the lady and we have a lesson with her later this week so within minutes of arriving I already had my first contact haha. But I hope I can make God proud here in this new area. It is a branch here with only like 50 people we I will try to leave this branch stronger than when I found it.  So I imagine that being missionaries here in a branch, we will have to give talks and do a lot of things because there is not much priesthood. But we already have a few baptismal dates here in this area so we have to get them prepared to make covenants with the Lord. I will also try to find a member so that we can do skype in like 2 weeks. And Elder Holland comes on the 25th of May so I am gettting stoked to see him in person for the 2nd time in my life. I hope I can feel the spirit and remember what he says so I can work really hard :) That is all for now and I hope you all have a fantastic week. Tell Curt candy cabeza :)

Love Elder Cramer

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 22, 2013

Hellllooo family and los demas!

Yeah just to start off I probably should not have starred the guy in the face like that but at least I restrained myself and did not do anything else. It was one of the times that at first I got mad but then the Savior flashed through my mind and I was not mad after that and I just let them have our cell phone. It was one of those moments like ¨What would Jesus do?¨ But this week was way good because we had two baptisms for Misael and also Marcos.  They were so happy and their family was supporting them a ton. I will add a photo of that at the end of the email. Their parents have not yet been baptized but that is because the dad is trying to divorce from his x wife so they can be married and then be baptized. I have faith that they will be a family for all time and eternity because I could feel it in the moment of their baptism! Also we are right now focusing on a family of 3. Pablito Juarez, Griselda Juarez, and Daniela Juarez. We found this family and we taught them to pray and they went to the church for the first time this week which I think went really well and I hope they learned a lot! They have a baptismal date for the 11th of May so we are preparing them for that moment and right now we are explaining the plan of salvation and we are really going to focus on how they can be with their family forever and eternity! We have our lesson tomorrow in the night time :) I am almost done training Elder Cuevas and I love that he is always thinking about the investigator and how the person thinks. That I think is his best attribute. He himself has a pretty rough family situation and he is hoping to receive many blessings for them as he serves the Lord. I think also that I will be transferred before mothers day because the first cambios are this next Monday so we will see what plans the Lord has for me. I have already been here in Gomez Palacio for 5 months now so who knows :) Elder Holland will be coming on the 25th of May so I am getting stoked for that! I complete a year on the 2nd, I get to talk to the fam, then the baptism of the family Juarez and then Holland. There is a lot to look forward to this month so I am stoked and ready :) And yes I am expecting to have another wonderful year and I am glad that Aunt Inez and the grandparents are doing so well. It will be great to hear from them as well on the tape to see how they are doing and all! I am glad that God has given me the chance to repent while serving him and for his sacrifice of his only son Jesus Christ. Families can be forever but we have to earn it. So Let´s as a family earn it :) 

Love your son and elder

Elder Cramer

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 8 and April 15. 2013 letters

This is a Hna (Sister) who is helping Logan get the spots out of his white shirts!
This is heartwarming!

April 8, 2013

Querido familia que amo muchísimo...

This week has been a little bit difficult because we don't have any progressing investigators right now but that is what we are going to try and fix this week. We are on a quest to find work to do for the Lord. I think the general conference really helped me because it helped me answer a few questions. There were so many talks about missionary work there is no doubt in my mind God is really pressing us to our limits by sharing the gospel. Which is the best because there is no other way we are going to grow if we do not try! :) And my favorite talk was with Elder Holland. Besides the fact he says the funniest things like "i hugged him until his eyes buldged out" and "that's like trying to stuff a turkey through the beak" he always has such a powerful authority with him! I can't wait until May 25 to hear him in person to see how he really acts and what he says to a small crowd of missionaries like us! But I liked how he said it starts with beliefs and as we nuture our testimony it becomes a knowing. It reminds me of the Brother of Jared a little bit when he believed in Christ until it became a knowledge and he actually saw for himself. The biggest goal I have on my mission and I can feel that it is becoming true is... That my testimony becomes sufficient to be the base of all of my decisions. I want to live a life that is based on the teachings of Christ and so that I can make God proud of me for the way I am and live :) And no I really can't believe that I almost have a year underneath my belt. And I am excited to see what God has in store for me because I love the experiences that I have already been given. My companion and I are doing good and I think we are building a strong bond by this point. Tomorrow we have interviews with the President so I will see what he expects and what guidance he can give me. Also I am so glad we have a Prophet today. I feel like he really knows  and loves us when he talks and gives us guidance. What a blessing :) And I loved the letter of Carli. It sounds like she had a "mess" of experiences and it will probably "stain" her life forever with all of the things she saw and lived (referring to how she was sick all the way home from Spain)! That poor boy that sat next to her on the plain :P Hahah Carli I am proud to say that you most likely experienced a little bit of what dad and I had to go through for like 3 months on the mission. No one understands us and we never understand them. But that is crazy with your monkeys (again referring to Carli's Spain trip when monkeys would come up to her and pull her hair). They were bananas for you it seems. And Ryan and Breanna look alot bigger and more mature. I hope Ryan is pushing dad with the p90x because I am still counting on that promise that he made me when he said I won't recognize him :) and I still have written in my journal every day. (I only missed one day in the MTC) So I have every day minus one. Dont judge me :) I love you all and keep me in your prayers! (And no i have not recieved any packages of Easter or still from the Ritcheys either.. I hope they got through!)

Love Elder Cramer!!

April 15, 2013

Dear my friends and family!

This week was full of lovely and interesting things! The first thing is that I am glad that my tapes made it safely to the states :) First off my main man Alejandro Cordonado finally got baptized with us after being an investigator for over 6 years. He is such a great young man and smart and I hope that in about a year he will serve the lord like I am right now :). With him being baptized they can be sealed in the temple as a family so that is so exciting. I will attach a few photos of that in the end (above). Also I recieved permission from the President to baptize two young boys that we have as investigators because their parents are trying to get married to be baptized but it is a lengthy process but the kids wanted to be baptized for 2 months now so this Saturday that is coming Misael and Marcos will be baptized and I will be baptizing little Misael of the age of 9 :) So that is really exciting! And Elder Holland will be coming 25 of May to visit us.

And also something that I will never forget that happened this week is that I got jumped. Three gangsters started tripping us and laughing and the third time I stopped and stared at the 5 foot 10 man. And he got scared but then his little gangster friends came so then they made us give them our cellphone and the cell of the member with us and then they snatched the ID of my companion but the good part is that they did not do any harm to us or anything. A member told me ¨well if you never got robbed you never lived in mexico¨and so I am just glad God keeps us safe and protected :). But I am glad you loved the tapes (Logan sent some voice recordings) and I am looking forward to recieving your end of them! Also I got your Easter present and I am really grateful for the scripture pictures :D Also I just bought a few piano and violin songs on itunes just to let you know for the studies! And yeah my shoes and all of that are holding up good! And the only thing I really need is sunblock of at least 80. Because I am becoming liquified here in Mexico and everyone tells me not to worry because the worst is still to come so I am like uh oh.

I think that  will be changed (locations) here in a few weeks because I have already been here in Filadelfia for like 5 months now. For some reason the Lord is having me stay in this area :))

I hope everyone knows that I am happy to be here and that I am trying to be a great disciple of Christ. I feel happy being able to invite others to come unto our Redeemer and to be able to do covenants with our Father in Heaven! That is the  best gift I and any other missionary can possibly give!

Love Your Elder Cramer :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

This week's letter - April 1, 2013

Dear Family y Los Demas!

This week was really great because we had the opportunity to see Adrian Lomeli be baptized and it was fun and exciting to see the huge change in him over the past few weeks! We found him the first time and he was a firm Christian in another church and he based everything off of the Bible. We used to bible to show him that today there are prophets as well and I really saw an interest spike there in his eyes. As we continued to teach him we introduced the Book of Mormon and he was reading and going to the church and just eating up everything. On his baptism he arrived and we had everything prepared and then we were about to start when someone told us that he left the church and didn't know where he was. That made me a little frightened. But then 15 minutes later he came back with his 3 kids so that they too can feel and see his baptism. We were taking photos when I told everyone to do a funny photo as well, when I tried to do the Curt stance and my pants ripped in 2. That was indeed a funny picture in the end of it all. He was then confirmed this Sunday which is awesome and we are going to try and work with him this week to teach his kids and his family. (It may be hard because his kids are with his mother on the weekends) So we will see how it all turns out. There are cambios today but i didn't end up being moved so I am happy here with Elder Cuevas still. We are going to try and find all new investigators this week because we already baptized all of our investigators that were progressing! And yes my companion and I are doing something similar to p90x because we cannot actually watch the video. I made up a makeshift version. How are you all doing with your goals. And to answer moms question I want to be a Nutritionist after the mission and learn about what the body needs and how we can function the best. I want to help people lose weight and meet their goals. But we are playing soccer every Monday and I am getting better competing with the Mexicans every week. One day I will catch up with them! :) I love you all and I am glad to say my family is working in the obra del señor as well!!!

Love Elder Cramer

Monday, April 1, 2013

March 25, 2013 letter

Hello family and happy easter as well!!

We did not have the conference with Elder Holland yet but Elder Alonzo from the Seventy came and his talk was amazing and he said we need to focus more on the Atonement of Christ and we then can convey this to all of the rest of the people. Also out of the 120 missionaries I was randomly selected to have an interview with him and that was really special to me because I could feel the spirit really strong and I was grateful that God let me have that experience! I can't believe that it was snowing there. Today we had a zone activity and we played soccer and I got so sunburned on my neck. I think I will get cancer if I keep this up. I hope  not :) I am stoked that Carli can go to see a different country and culture. Tell her she has to give me an essay about it because I want to hear about some of her experiences as well! I bet dad is really happy that she is going to the place where he served huh? :) Carli will come back fluent as well! Yeah there are a lot of Catholic traditions going on butI know that all churches are great because they prepare the people for this gospel so we should never put another religion down or anything like that. Also we had a baptism this past Saturday and also another one this Saturday so we are really excited! The first two baptisms for my companion! :))  Also I am stoked for General Conference and we get to see every session so I will be writing notes like a mad man. I cannot believe that 6 months have already passed by since the last General Conference. I am so glad we have revelation today in these days because boy do we need it. I really liked that dream that you had dad because I think it will come true in just a little more than a year! And it made me feel your love from way down here. Keep me in the loop and know for a surety that I love you guys and that I am trying to be the best missionary so that God will be happy with me and forgive me through my work!

Until next Monday!

Elder Cramer