Monday, April 1, 2013

March 25, 2013 letter

Hello family and happy easter as well!!

We did not have the conference with Elder Holland yet but Elder Alonzo from the Seventy came and his talk was amazing and he said we need to focus more on the Atonement of Christ and we then can convey this to all of the rest of the people. Also out of the 120 missionaries I was randomly selected to have an interview with him and that was really special to me because I could feel the spirit really strong and I was grateful that God let me have that experience! I can't believe that it was snowing there. Today we had a zone activity and we played soccer and I got so sunburned on my neck. I think I will get cancer if I keep this up. I hope  not :) I am stoked that Carli can go to see a different country and culture. Tell her she has to give me an essay about it because I want to hear about some of her experiences as well! I bet dad is really happy that she is going to the place where he served huh? :) Carli will come back fluent as well! Yeah there are a lot of Catholic traditions going on butI know that all churches are great because they prepare the people for this gospel so we should never put another religion down or anything like that. Also we had a baptism this past Saturday and also another one this Saturday so we are really excited! The first two baptisms for my companion! :))  Also I am stoked for General Conference and we get to see every session so I will be writing notes like a mad man. I cannot believe that 6 months have already passed by since the last General Conference. I am so glad we have revelation today in these days because boy do we need it. I really liked that dream that you had dad because I think it will come true in just a little more than a year! And it made me feel your love from way down here. Keep me in the loop and know for a surety that I love you guys and that I am trying to be the best missionary so that God will be happy with me and forgive me through my work!

Until next Monday!

Elder Cramer

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