Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mar 17, 2013 and Mar 10, 2013 - No other experience like a mission!

Hey familayyy..

We are making some progress here and I will actually be sending my tapes today in the mail. I will send a tape for the fam, Jackie, and for the family Ritchey! So I hope that arrives in a few short weeks! :) Also no I have not received a package from the Ritcheys.  I hope it comes soon :) And yeah Elder Cuevas and I are doing great here with our baptism this Saturday and hopefully the Saturday that also follows! We are working hard and trying to find more sons and daughters of God that are prepared to hear this message of God. This Friday a Seventy is coming to visit so we are taking a small trip to Torreon, Elder Cuevas and I, to hear some inspiration hopefully. And also I am so stoked for Brendon in 10 days. That is so exciting and I hope the Hoffart family is all doing well! There is no other like the experiences we have here in the mission. I encourage everyone and anyone to go on a mission including dad and mom when they have the means to go as a couple! How special it will be to be able to serve the Lord with your very own eternal companion some day. How marvelous :) But we are doing great here and I had a great experience because one of the investigators that I found and taught got baptized a few weeks back and a missionary sent me the picture so it is crazy to see how I helped plant the seed for this sister to find the gospel! Also we played basketball here in the morning with all of the young adults so that was fun! :) I also have a picture of that :) I love you all and the blessings of the Lord are always coming we just have to let ourselves see them.

Love Elder Cramer

Mar 10, 2013
From last week that I thought I sent but it did not go through.

Hey family!!!

Yeah it is already all toasty here and I feel like a slice of bread being all toasted and crusty. I'm already getting a case of the red face gringo. But my companion and I are learning a lot about humility and we are trying to overcome a challenge that god has presented us with. We were having a lot of success but our president said we need to change our area boundaries so we lost 7 of our baptism dates. And we actually don't have like any investigators right now with these new boundaries so this week we are dedicating to nothing more than finding and teaching new ones. Maybe it is a blessing because I imagine that there are many families on the other side that have been waiting but we never had time to visit these people because we had a ton of work in other colonias and places. So Elder Cuevas and I are working with the ward to find and start teaching others here in these areas that were basically abandoned. But i think we can do it and we are working on it :) This week we have made many improvements in our teaching styles together and we are learning a lot from one another. Unlike a few other trainers we have seen we get along really well in comparison. And I am going to try to send the cassettes to you guys this upcoming Monday that comes so you guys can be expecting some tapes on the way. And yeah I should try to do a few minutes every night because it is hard to find time here on the mission as we are always doing something :) But I am happy here and expect to see some new families that we will find and I am pleased to see that everyone's lives are progressing together! 

Elder Cramer

Also from Mar 20, 2013
Dear family!!

Sorry that you didnt get my letter last week it was in my draft box so I resent it! But that is great that things are going like clockwork there in Indiana!! But more than anything I am just stoked for Jackie and that she is talking to the missionaries! I wanna be there teaching her as well.

But here in Mexico Elder Cuevas and I are doing good with training and all! I am learning a lot being a trainer and being mayor compaƱero. And the trick is to give my companion all the opportunities to grow and make sure that he feels equal with me. Even though he does depend a lot on me it is fun to see his progress day after day in the teachings that we are doing!

We are still in the ward Filadelfia in gomez palacio, Durango. I really love this ward because we do have a lot of support and our ward mission leader is super dedicated to help us have members with us :) Right now we are working with a family that was less active and the mother and the son this past Sunday were reactivated and soon hopefully her daughter. But we have a baptismal date for the youngest son Bryan for the 23 of March and so we are preparing for that right now and we are excited!

Also we have another date 30 of March with a man named Adrian and he is really cool and he just has a fascination about the scriptures and he loves to find how all the scriptures connect and it is cool to see how he has changed from the first lesson when he said he only wants to talk about the bible, to him now that he is reading the Book of Mormon as well as the bible together. We are excited for him as well in that aspect and we are hoping that everything is good to go for those dates! In the meantime we are also looking for new investigators because our Ppresident switched our area like I have said.

I never knew how bad my allergies really are. I think because of all the dirt here my nose is just running like a marathon. So I am trying to recover from that right now honestly but I stay happy here on the mission!!

Love Elder Cramer

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