Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Logan was transfered this week to La Rosa, Torreon

Hey Family and friends!

This week has been filled with many rare and odd things. Like how my credit card information ended up in Texas for some reason! But I am glad I have parents that care enough for me to figure it all out. It made me think that I need to be more aware of what is going on. But I have a lot of news since last week. One, it was my third week with Elder Verdugo and we baptized a sweet lady by the name of Hermana Maria Del Carmen Ramirez Mesa and she accepted the gospel so fast and has a firm testimony it makes my head spin. I had the opportunity to baptize her and I could feel the spirit so strong. But the best part was when after she was baptized she bore testimony of the truthfulness of the ordinance she just finished and the truthfulness of the church of Jesus Christ. Right when my companion and I were getting used to each other, right when the members could finally pronounce my name right, and right when we finished planning for the week, I recieved a call from my district leader that I am going to La Rosa, Torreon. So today I took a 3 hour bus ride with all of my stuff and now I am in what seems like an oven. I was so fortunate before to be in Guadiana because it was one of the coolest areas here in our mission. But I have only been here for like 2 hours and my face is burning off! I will have to adjust to that. My new companion is Elder Ruiz and he appears to be way nice. The neat thing about this area is that we are going to have 4 missionaries here. So today we looked for a house for the other 2 missionaries that are on their way in a few days. It is mind boggling how fast I can move from one area to the other. I wrote my converts letters before I left so I hope they know that I love them! So here is to a new chapter in my mission! I am no long an entrenee (trainee). I officially finished my entrenimiento (training) yesterday. But now the objective is to know this new area, the members, and help my new companion. I have had some big experiences in regard with the spirit. The last day we could contact in the street my companion and I walked by a lady and her 2 nieces. (Maria Soto, Paula, and Jacklyn) But Elder Villacis stopped in his tracks and said we need to turn around and talk to them. And it was by that same exact spirit that made us stop, we latter baptized and confirmed this lady. Many things like that seem to happen on our mission in small ways we receive inspiration through feelings and thoughts. But Wow ryan way to go!!! You really are Dash haha.  Thanks so much for your love and your prayers. I am trying my best out here in the Mexi-Microwave. :)

Love Elder Cramer

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 17, 2012 Letter

Thanks so much for this letter. In fact I wrote a letter that was
really long and then the power went out here in this internet shop or
a second so I lost everything I said so I am going to summarize.
My companion and I are getting along much better and we are teaching
better together because small acts of kindness I have been trying to
do for him and I have noticed the same from him as well. And I have
had 2 interviews from the president so far. One when I got to Mexico
and other for the end of the last cambios. This week was really good
and 4 less actives went to church for the first time in a long time
which is really good. We have a baptism this Saturday if all goes well
and her interview with our district leader goes well. She has seen
many miracles and I have seen the hand of the Lord during teaching
this lady. Our first visit with my other companion we gave her a
blessing of health and the pain that was in her side she said was gone
right after that. And the other Sunday she was waiting for the bus and
it was not coming to get to church and she was about to leave when a
taxi came up and said get in and drove her to the church for no money
what so ever. And also she gave up her addiction of coffee the moment
we talked to her about it. I just hope all goes well this week for her
baptism! Also we had some activities today as a district. We went to a
museum here in Guadiana called BEBELECHE. It was really cool I
thought. I am going to send a letter home next p-day and I am going to
put my camera chip in there with all my photos and videos from my
mission so far. I have a backup of all the files on my jump drive just
in case! MY companion and I are going to send my testimony as the last
thing on there so hopefully you all can get it! I did receive your
package and this week was Cliff-bar mania in the mornings for
breakfast! Thanks so much for the love and support. Here are a few
Elder Cramer

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Letter Sept. 10, 2012

Hey family y amigos,

This week has been a grand change because of my new companion. All
companions are different of course and the his personality is like
opposite. He is from Quito, Ecuador as well ironically. I think
God wants me to learn all about Ecuadorians. But his name is Elder
Verdugo and he is a lot more serious and he knows no English at all.
And he has no intentions of learning any of it either which makes it a
tad bit harder to communicate at times. But it is neat to see the
different teaching styles. With Elder Villacis we would visit like 25
investigators in a week and like 18 less actives and with Elder
Verdugo we had much less because he takes his time more in each
lesson. I have really had to gain patience this week because sometimes
 I dont get my turn to talk for a long while. But he is a good
person and knows a lot of doctrine which I love. I am glad I get to
take the best out of every companion and become the best I can be from
all the things I can learn. Every day I love the scriptures and talks
from living day apostles and the prophet more. We can really learn
everything we need to know from these sets of doctrine. Today we had a
zone activity and we went bowling all of us in this mall place which
is like 30 minutes away on the bus. It felt weird because there was
regular music and it seemed like USA. Sometimes I like quiet
places more :)

But I am glad all is well in the Cramer home! Happy Bday Curt!! Love ya buddy

We have to run and visit some less actives and give some medicine to
my recent convert so I will look forward to hearing from all of you
next Monday!

Love Elder Cramer *Eliot Slitherspoon*

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Short but sweet letter Sept. 3, 2012

Hey friends and fam,

I only have like 5 minutes in reality this week to write because last
night our zone leaders called and said emergency transfers and my
trainer left for La Laguna in Torreon. I recieved a new companion
today so all of my day was waiting in the bus station and I was on
splits with another elder that had to wait as well. So everything was
all mixed up today. It is kind of odd how fast things utterly change
on my mission because now I have another companion that has 1 year on
his mission and he doesn't know a lick of English like my other
companion had and now he is relying on me to introduce the members and
to know where to go all the time. So this will be a new adventure for
me this week and I hope I am up to the task. But I know I will learn a
ton and that every test that has been thrown my way thus far has been
for my benefit and it won't stop being that way until I am back in
America lol. But I am very grateful for my first companion Elder
Villacis and am hoping the best for my second Elder Verdugo. This week 
I have not been listening to church music in the house like usual but
rather I have been gettting General Conference talks because I am
addicted to them. The more I listen to our authorities of our church
the more I know for a fact that they are ordained, inspired, and teach
from God. I want to be as powerful so I am starting to part my hair
like Bednar, hoping to see some spiritual results! :)

But sorry that this is short

Elder Cramer

This is what Logan must look like now.

David A. Bednar