Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Short but sweet letter Sept. 3, 2012

Hey friends and fam,

I only have like 5 minutes in reality this week to write because last
night our zone leaders called and said emergency transfers and my
trainer left for La Laguna in Torreon. I recieved a new companion
today so all of my day was waiting in the bus station and I was on
splits with another elder that had to wait as well. So everything was
all mixed up today. It is kind of odd how fast things utterly change
on my mission because now I have another companion that has 1 year on
his mission and he doesn't know a lick of English like my other
companion had and now he is relying on me to introduce the members and
to know where to go all the time. So this will be a new adventure for
me this week and I hope I am up to the task. But I know I will learn a
ton and that every test that has been thrown my way thus far has been
for my benefit and it won't stop being that way until I am back in
America lol. But I am very grateful for my first companion Elder
Villacis and am hoping the best for my second Elder Verdugo. This week 
I have not been listening to church music in the house like usual but
rather I have been gettting General Conference talks because I am
addicted to them. The more I listen to our authorities of our church
the more I know for a fact that they are ordained, inspired, and teach
from God. I want to be as powerful so I am starting to part my hair
like Bednar, hoping to see some spiritual results! :)

But sorry that this is short

Elder Cramer

This is what Logan must look like now.

David A. Bednar

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