Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Letter Sept. 10, 2012

Hey family y amigos,

This week has been a grand change because of my new companion. All
companions are different of course and the his personality is like
opposite. He is from Quito, Ecuador as well ironically. I think
God wants me to learn all about Ecuadorians. But his name is Elder
Verdugo and he is a lot more serious and he knows no English at all.
And he has no intentions of learning any of it either which makes it a
tad bit harder to communicate at times. But it is neat to see the
different teaching styles. With Elder Villacis we would visit like 25
investigators in a week and like 18 less actives and with Elder
Verdugo we had much less because he takes his time more in each
lesson. I have really had to gain patience this week because sometimes
 I dont get my turn to talk for a long while. But he is a good
person and knows a lot of doctrine which I love. I am glad I get to
take the best out of every companion and become the best I can be from
all the things I can learn. Every day I love the scriptures and talks
from living day apostles and the prophet more. We can really learn
everything we need to know from these sets of doctrine. Today we had a
zone activity and we went bowling all of us in this mall place which
is like 30 minutes away on the bus. It felt weird because there was
regular music and it seemed like USA. Sometimes I like quiet
places more :)

But I am glad all is well in the Cramer home! Happy Bday Curt!! Love ya buddy

We have to run and visit some less actives and give some medicine to
my recent convert so I will look forward to hearing from all of you
next Monday!

Love Elder Cramer *Eliot Slitherspoon*

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