Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Logan was transfered this week to La Rosa, Torreon

Hey Family and friends!

This week has been filled with many rare and odd things. Like how my credit card information ended up in Texas for some reason! But I am glad I have parents that care enough for me to figure it all out. It made me think that I need to be more aware of what is going on. But I have a lot of news since last week. One, it was my third week with Elder Verdugo and we baptized a sweet lady by the name of Hermana Maria Del Carmen Ramirez Mesa and she accepted the gospel so fast and has a firm testimony it makes my head spin. I had the opportunity to baptize her and I could feel the spirit so strong. But the best part was when after she was baptized she bore testimony of the truthfulness of the ordinance she just finished and the truthfulness of the church of Jesus Christ. Right when my companion and I were getting used to each other, right when the members could finally pronounce my name right, and right when we finished planning for the week, I recieved a call from my district leader that I am going to La Rosa, Torreon. So today I took a 3 hour bus ride with all of my stuff and now I am in what seems like an oven. I was so fortunate before to be in Guadiana because it was one of the coolest areas here in our mission. But I have only been here for like 2 hours and my face is burning off! I will have to adjust to that. My new companion is Elder Ruiz and he appears to be way nice. The neat thing about this area is that we are going to have 4 missionaries here. So today we looked for a house for the other 2 missionaries that are on their way in a few days. It is mind boggling how fast I can move from one area to the other. I wrote my converts letters before I left so I hope they know that I love them! So here is to a new chapter in my mission! I am no long an entrenee (trainee). I officially finished my entrenimiento (training) yesterday. But now the objective is to know this new area, the members, and help my new companion. I have had some big experiences in regard with the spirit. The last day we could contact in the street my companion and I walked by a lady and her 2 nieces. (Maria Soto, Paula, and Jacklyn) But Elder Villacis stopped in his tracks and said we need to turn around and talk to them. And it was by that same exact spirit that made us stop, we latter baptized and confirmed this lady. Many things like that seem to happen on our mission in small ways we receive inspiration through feelings and thoughts. But Wow ryan way to go!!! You really are Dash haha.  Thanks so much for your love and your prayers. I am trying my best out here in the Mexi-Microwave. :)

Love Elder Cramer

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