Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 1, 2012 Letter

Amigitos y mi familia!

¡Que Tal! The area La Rosa is the bomb. I enjoy this area even more than my other and that is saying something! I came exactly at the right time because it is starting to cool down and the weather is perfect. The mountain range is really close to this city and I love the view that it brings. Also in the distance we can see a huge stature of Jesus Christ in the mountains which is like the 3rd biggest statute of Christ in the world or something like that. My new companion Elder Ruiz is by far my favorite up to this point in my mission. He only has 2 and a half months left in his mission and he is teaching me tons of great things. I think our lessons this week were pistola! And the members here are fantastic and are eager to help us in the Work of the Lord. We had an attendance of 116 people in our ward this week and we are shooting for 120 this week to come. We split our area in half when it comes to missionaries so we have half and the other pair of missionaries have the other half. We had 4 less actives attend the church this week and for that we are stoked. My companion and I have a great relationship already and I am really thankful for that. I think it is so easy to appreciate this companion because of the other one that I had. I know that this area indeed is a grand blessing and I hope to aide the people here in this area to the best of my ability! I am stoked for this Saturday and Sunday because here on our mission it is required to watch every session of conference and I intend to Note it up! But hopefully I can understand a lot of the talks because I believe it will be in Spanish.  And I already wrote Kelcie and Kolten back in the mail so hopefully that comes pretty soon. I couldn't be happier here in La Rosa. It really is a wonderful area to be in! Woot Woot. One thing I would like for you to do dad for me is personally thank Brother Svedine and Sister Butcher for being wonderful seminary teachers because I can remember a lot of stuff from what they taught me surprisingly because I fell asleep a lot haha!

I want my family at home to know I love them oodles and I hope each one knows I am praying for them!

Love Elder Cramer

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