Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekly Letter October 8, 2012 - A Couple of Funny Experiences

Hey family!

I really like this new area. There are about 116 people that went to the church the other week and the members are so nice. This ward is like 2 times the size of my other one. And well we are just starting to get references which is good. This last week we did not have many people to teach so we just kept visiting less actives. We had 15 lessons this week with less actives which will hopefully pay off in retention. But we are always pushing the members to do a little bit more in the work of the Lord. I think General Conference will help many people and like you said dad, Elder Holland is always a good help to get the work moving forward. He is my favorite apostle and Bednar follows closely behind him. I really admire Elder Holland because he always says it like it is. Direct but with Love at the same time. I love his passion for doing what is right and not caring about who thinks otherwise. I really like Elder Bednar because just by the way he talks and presents hisself I can tell he is a man of God. His knowledge and insights about the doctrine make me want to study. But yeah I really love this area and I am glad it is starting to cool off a little bit. I had to wash my clothes for the first time without a washer or a drier. We hand washed it in this cement block thing. Makes me really appreciate what we have at our house and how foolish I was for not wanting to help more with the laundry. Also I had 2 experiences this week that were pretty funny I thought! 

1) We visited a less active family. Family Soccoro is their names. And they are just a family that likes to joke around a lot and as well have not gone to church for a very long time. We had to give them the Book of Mormon again because earlier their house burnt down and they no longer have theirs with them. But during our lesson the mom of about 40 something years of age said this to me "My daughter here has 17 years of age and if you want you can marry her".. I had no idea what to say so I just did what every smart Gringo would do... I pretended to not understand her and then avoided the situation and asked her to say a prayer instead haha. Sometimes being White among all of the others is a benefit :)

2) My companion and I were walking to visit a less active lady but on the way there was a really mean dog that stuck his head as far as he could out of the fence barking his head off like he had mad cow disease. So my companion and I walked around him in the street. After our lesson my companion remembered and went in the street but I had forgotten and I walked close to the fence. The next thing I knew I saw this head lunge out of the cage and bit my scripture case really hard (Thankfully!) But the thing is I had my deodorant in my scipture case as well and the dog bit through the case, through the can, resulting in a huge explosion! So I had no idea what happened. It was like dog, fireworks, and a lovely Old Spice smell all together in one small event. My companion could not stop laughing and I screamed like a girl. But I think it is funny but my scripture case was destroyed but luckily not my scriptures.

Anyways this week was a day of progress and my companion and I will hopefully have a bit more lessons with investigators this week to come. I hope the family is doing good and I really enjoy all the updates. I couldn't believe how big Ryan looks in his video that he showed me. :O Anyways I hope that we can all leave our ships and our nets and follow Christ in the work of the Lord this week like Elder Holland said. This is the way we can really show Christ that we in fact do Love Him.

Love you all and I hope all is well!

Elder Cramer

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