Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The last few weeks of letters...Jan 14, 21, 28

Jan 28, 2013

Hey familia-- Buenas tardes!

Indiana is so bipolar. But already mexico is getting all hot again. I am not looking forward to it.  I hope that I go back to Durango again in the summer because here in Gomez it gets way over 100 degrees and I dont know if I can put up with that. Like the snow in Indiana, my skin will melt.. :O

And I am looking forward to recieving your voice messages and sending some back to you guys :D And no, Insanity (workout videos) has not arrived yet that I know of.. But one day it will :) And right now we have a few investigators that are progressing in Filidelfia 2 (which is his area). But we had transfers today so I got a my new companion, Elder Elsmore.  Actually he is from my generation. He was my companion in the MTC. :) So we are working here but the thing is, we are in charge of all of the ward again.W e have to work in 2 areas once again and that means double the work but double the blessings and investigators. So we have to work doubly hard. :) And this week Elder Olea and I were witnesses for a wedding for my friend Hermano Omar. I am so happy for them because they they wanted to change and so we were able to participate... :) This week I have really been thinking about repentence and how so many people think it is something bad but really it is the miracle that we believe in our church. The ability to change. To become more aligned with what God wants us to be. If we do not use the atonement it is more of a sin than anything.  Because Christ has already paid for each sin.. Regardless of if we repent or not. I am so grateful for what Christ has done for me personally. I know because of his life and death, we can all have eternal life for all time and eternity! I am glad to be able to have my family and friends supporting me to becoming more like our Savior Jesus Christ. When we lose or life in Christ we will find our lives and when we try to find our lives without him we will lose it. I like to think that I am making small baby steps to become more like him :) 

Love you all Elder Cramer

Jan 21, 2013

Hey hey hey fam,

The thing with the weather I thought Indiana was bipolar but then I came here and because it is a desert it is really cold in the mornings so I am walking around preaching with my suitcoat and then during the day I am sweating bullets so I have to shove my suitcoat in my backpack until the night time. And I am excited to get my voice recorder. It is like we will be doing walkie talky just really far away :P And no my new companion did not arrive because my companion Elder Olea will end his mission with me in 10 days. But right after him supposedly I will be having my new companion but they have been saying that for how long now so I am not worried, I am just ready to work :) Our zone conferences are good because my zone leader was my trainer Elder Villacis so I get along really well with them! And yes I will be finishing p90x in 2 days and will be starting insanity I am stoked.  Did you get ahold of Jace because she never answered my email. I hope all is well with her! I have tons of favorite scriptures. Some of the ones that I have really liked as of late are Alma 41:27, Alma 33 (the last scripture), I love all of 2 Nephi 4 since Kim showed me it, I really enjoy the last 8 verses of 2 Nephi when he is saying that if you have faith in Christ you will believe in his words.., I love Alma 5 because of all of the genious questions that make me reflect on myself, I love all of D&C 6 because it explains how to gain a testimony, what blessings we can receive if we share the gospel, and to always do good continually. I love all of Moroni 7 because it explains that all good things come from God and persuades us to do good and all bad things come from satan. There are many more that I really love but I think that right now Alma 41:27 is my favorite because it shows how important it is to make decisions and that we have free agency to choose God over satan! :) My companion actually has the talk that Elder Holland gave for these quotes I think. It is hard to get though because it was an MTC talk. It says that we cannot be like Peter after Jesus Christ died. That we cannot just go and fish after we have received a testimony. That we have to be converts for the rest of our lives before we can even think about other people being converts for the rest of theirs. I really love the talk because it is so inspiring! :D 

p.s How is the p90x 10 minute with tony going? Are you seeing the results? Are you pressing play every day? If not I invite you put in the batteries and kick in in 3rd gear and try again :)

Love Elder Cramer!

Jan. 14, 2013

Hey friends and fam!

What just happened today is that an Elder From Durango named Elder Starkey came to be the companion of Elder Conde and Elder Olea and we moved back into my other house in Filidelfia 2 and we are going to only be working in one area once again. But that is okay with me because Elder Olea will be ending his mission with me in 2 weeks and then I am assuming I will finally train a new Elder that arrives (but nothing is certain on the mission). And then Elder Starkey will be our new District leader because right now Elder Olea is. I am actually really happy to have Elder Olea as my companion because he was my first district leader and is an awesome example for me. He lives in Bountiful Utah and his name is Paul Olea. So in 2 weeks you can talk with him if you would like to haha :) But one week after he arrives in his house he is going to Chili to visit his family because his dad is from there! But the references are coming slowly but surely. Alot of the families I was working with I lost because they are from the other side of Filidelfia but Elder Olea and I have plans to really get alot of investigators these next 2 weeks to prepare for this new elder that comes so we can have alot of success!  I really hope that all goes well with the baby of Sean and Nikelle!! I hope I can see the baby in like a year and a half :)  Jackie is way cool, she will be in Mexico about 6 or 7 hours away from me because her family lives like a state or two below me! And yeah I'm stoked for good ol Will (he as joined the Marines). AndIi actually share alot of stories of Will with my companions because he had a wedgie on the beach with the fam and tons of other goofy stories! (Inside joke) :) And no Insanity(work out video) did not arrive because we haven't had any meetings or anything like that from the zone. And I am trying to find a recorder around here because I'd like to send those I think that is an awesome idea! :D And the pictures you sent did not turn out so can you resend them? Thanks much and I am doing just dandy and sprite here in P90-meXico :D 

Love Elder Cramer!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First post of the year!!!

Hey familia!

Seems already like a hundred years ago when we got to skype. That was really fun thought and I am glad I was able to see all of you.. It really lifted my spirits.. Carli... Why are you sewing your finger.. That looks like it hurts. But at least it looks like you are getting it repaired but it does not look like it was a painless experience. I bet you won´t be doing any finger painting for some time that is for sure. But at least you are okay. It sounds to me like it was a blessing that is is not worse than it is.. This week I was so happy because we are teaching a family that is progressing so well. It is the family Galvan and they are just eating everything we are teaching to them. The father this Sunday went to the first 2 hours of church. The mom stayed home to take care of her son. It is sad because their son David has a brain tumor and he is hanging in there. I have the blessing to give him high fives and see how he is doing every time we go to teach them. This family is really great and I hope I get to see them grow and continue. And in the other side of Filadelfia with the other 2 elders.. We contacted a family this Sunday and they appear to be gold as well and we will be following up with them this week that comes so we are continually busy here which is a great thing. And my other companion has not arrrived yet but that is okay with me because we are seeing success and I hope that we can continue to work hard because I know we will see the results! I am trying to find a recorder thing so I can mail home little cassettes with my voice. I  think that would be a cool idea every once and awhile to get voice letters from the fam and friends! It is like skype but only without the instant and the seeing each other part haha! I hope everyone can adjust themselves to school and get back to work because it is really much more productive and smooth when we have a goal and we shoot for it! Way to go mom and dad with p90x!! Now just stick with it because you will be exhausted but your body is thanking you and Pam the blam couldnt be more proud. I am looking forward to workout with my buddy Shaun T because I am on day 78 tomorrow of p90x :D All is good andIi am grateful for all of your support! 

The two pictures are a husky that I and my companions want to adopt and also a picture of us with our amigo David after we taught the family Galvan!
Love Elder Cramer

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Holiday Post

Dear Family and friends!

I really loved this Christmas especially that I could talk to my family on skype. What a wonderful family I have to always support me. I felt the love :D And we had a baptism this Saturday and I really love these 2 because they have changed a ton to accept this gospel. They got married after living together for 50 years to be baptized in the only true church. Also Hno Fernando was a very angry and mean person before and right now he doesn't want to say a bad word or yell. I will attach some pictures of Christmas and also of the baptism! And the references are coming really well but it is just hard with 2 different areas to handle. And actually I really like having 2 companions and we get along really well in my opinion. We are a well oiled machine haha. But we have not heard anything about my new companion so I am not sure what will happen. I think I will be in a trio for a bit of time but it does not bother me. And yes I love writing in my journal to at least remember some things that I have seen or liked. And also I am on day 70 of p90x. So I hope to finish and go right into insanity but if not i can start p90x again :D Thanks so much for your prayers and all the Christmas wishes. I would talk more but they are shutting down the store early because it is a holiday today :(

Much Love Elder Cramer!!

Logan with Christmas tree

Baptism spoken of in letter of Hno Ferndando and family.

December 24, 2012 Looking forward to talking tomorrow (in Spanish)

Lo que va a pasar es que vamos por la casa de un miembro mañana a las 6 en la noche.. pero no se exactamente cuando eso es en el tiempo en wisconsin. Pero en Utah es a las 5pm. Entonces alrededor de alli voy a llemar su cellular primero. Y si podemos skype es mejor. Pero yo necesito su numero porque lo olvido :O Pero mañana voy a llemarles mas o menos 6-7pm en el tiempo aqui! Los Amo muchisimo! :D

December 17, 2012 Letter

Hey family!

Right now I am in a companionship with 2 Elders because tomorrow I have to go the offices to get my new companion straight out of the mtc. I am a tad nervous to train because I have only been in this area 2 weeks and I don't have a fantastic relation with the members yet but I think the lord always gives us tons of opportunities to progress and become a little bit better of a person. We had a really cool activity in our zone last Sunday. Our zone and our Mission President and his wife all went to 3 different wards. We sang a song as missionaries, each one by one bore their testimony and then Hermana Flores and then President Flores. The spirit was strong in each reunion. And the members were feeling it. How do I know that? Because afterwards President Flores gave all of the members reference cards and they wrote down the people that came to their minds during the reunion. So right now we have 63 references to contact between 4 missionaries. Granted some of them are in different wards as well but at least right now we will have a tad more work to do with investigators. This ward is really big. Filidelfia was 2 wards but they were put together and so we have about 170 to 200 people cada semana.  Our mission leader in our ward is really great. He is helping us oodles here. But all in all I am excited and nervioso right now :D Also I took out money because my shoes are destroyed haha. Thorns went right through my shoe as i was walking. So i had to buy some new ones. But I didn't even really notice how worn they were already. That is what will happen to them while walking hours and hours in Mexico :) But it does not look like Christmas at all... It is still at least 70 degrees everyday and I feel like it is summer still. It is rather strange. But I have not recieved any packages or letters because they are all in the offices waiting for me so tomorrow I think I can get them maybe. And if not friday because we have a zone conference which will be really nice :) All in all i really like my new area. And I am working hard. P90x is still rolling strong I am on day 58 starting phase 3 tomorrow. Could you find insanity?  Also I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and I send much love! And dad keep your eye out for another email within the semana to tell you when I will call or if we can skype id prefer that. But I need to ask a family to help us out :D I am looking forward to seeing some familiar faces :))

Love you all and keep me updated with whats all going on!

Elder Cramer