Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First post of the year!!!

Hey familia!

Seems already like a hundred years ago when we got to skype. That was really fun thought and I am glad I was able to see all of you.. It really lifted my spirits.. Carli... Why are you sewing your finger.. That looks like it hurts. But at least it looks like you are getting it repaired but it does not look like it was a painless experience. I bet you won´t be doing any finger painting for some time that is for sure. But at least you are okay. It sounds to me like it was a blessing that is is not worse than it is.. This week I was so happy because we are teaching a family that is progressing so well. It is the family Galvan and they are just eating everything we are teaching to them. The father this Sunday went to the first 2 hours of church. The mom stayed home to take care of her son. It is sad because their son David has a brain tumor and he is hanging in there. I have the blessing to give him high fives and see how he is doing every time we go to teach them. This family is really great and I hope I get to see them grow and continue. And in the other side of Filadelfia with the other 2 elders.. We contacted a family this Sunday and they appear to be gold as well and we will be following up with them this week that comes so we are continually busy here which is a great thing. And my other companion has not arrrived yet but that is okay with me because we are seeing success and I hope that we can continue to work hard because I know we will see the results! I am trying to find a recorder thing so I can mail home little cassettes with my voice. I  think that would be a cool idea every once and awhile to get voice letters from the fam and friends! It is like skype but only without the instant and the seeing each other part haha! I hope everyone can adjust themselves to school and get back to work because it is really much more productive and smooth when we have a goal and we shoot for it! Way to go mom and dad with p90x!! Now just stick with it because you will be exhausted but your body is thanking you and Pam the blam couldnt be more proud. I am looking forward to workout with my buddy Shaun T because I am on day 78 tomorrow of p90x :D All is good andIi am grateful for all of your support! 

The two pictures are a husky that I and my companions want to adopt and also a picture of us with our amigo David after we taught the family Galvan!
Love Elder Cramer

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