Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 16, 2013 - Worn shoes

(My new companion)

Buenas tardes!
I found out that today is a normal prep day but the next two prep days will be on Tuesday :)
I received my new companion. His name is Elder Vega and he is from Vera Cruz. And he is a big fella with a big heart to be honest. He is trying really hard to be a good missionary and what you inspire to become, you eventually become :)

I was trying to work hard and to have a lot of lessons this week, a lot fell through, but that is okay, gotta stay positive.

We had our Christmas activities this week in our 2 zones here in Durango. President came and we did a gift exchange, we ate a yummy comida, we watched Despicable Me 2 (So funny), and then there was a small talent show. But the best part was what we did as a district in the morning. We visited some of our investigators or less actives and we caroled to them so that was really special. And I still don't know the Christmas plans yet because I have to find some members with internet and a camera to skype. We have only 2 members on our side so I have to do some investigating for sure.

Ryan grats on the green belt! Your training looks like Billy Mays!

Vanessa grats on eating the most food in world history!

Keep up the good work being a missionary family! Love you

(My destroyed shoes)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December 9, 2013

Buenas Noches,

Sorry that I am writing super late. It is because I had to come back to Torreon to get my new Elder for the mission to train him so we had to take a 3 hour bus and now we are going to sleep here in the mission home and receive capacitation and then tomorrow 3 hours back to our area. But I did receive my birthday present and I loved it! Here is a photo with my ex companion and I (Elder Marquez, but i was only with him for 2 weeks and now I am training the new Elder named Elder Vega) But it was a lot of fun and I know I have the best family! Last week I showed our bishop the page on de apresurar la obra. I hope that it helps him have a little bit bigger view on the work and how we need to work together! But that is what I want more than anything dad. To have some converts that make it to the temple.. That is the best feeling! And I don't have plans yet to talk (on skype) but I will work on that this week to try and obtain where and when and what time to do all of that! But just a little reminder that this next Monday will not be our preparation day, but it will be next Tuesday for a few reasons. that will happen for 2 weeks so expect to receive my emails on Tuesday for 2 weeks only! and I will try to get all of the information for Christmas and all of that jazz. How did Ryan play his trombone? Did he sound like a dead cow when he first started playing? Thanks again for the birthday gifts and keep preparing Kolten for his mission!  DO you guys as a family have a list of loved ones you want to help? Do it for family home evening and talk about what you can do each week to help them prepare to be taught by the missionaries (Inviting, planting seeds, giving them things to read...)

Pictures of birthday package with his ex companion and with his new companion.  Missionaries are not supposed to have mustaches!! (they are fake)  ha ha

Lo haran?

Elder Cramer

December 2, 2013

Hey family!

Wendi is an investigator that we had so special (along with her mom Claudia, her sister Yareli) they will be baptized this saturday that is coming up in my last area.. I am sad that I will not be there for it but I know they will be wonderful converts to the Lord! And yes call them because I already told them that you would give them a ring. They are so sweet and before I left I gave them a hymn book and the principles of the gospel book :) They are the best. But this week here in the Guadelupe ward of Durango, Durango was really good and there are a lot of good people that we are teaching. The only hard part is that they live a little far away from the church so it basically is a sacrifice to go to the church every Sunday for the members and the investigators. We had 5 in the church this week but we are trying to work with a few families that we have just found to go and find out if the church is true! :) 

And tell Breanna to be friends with Wendi because she is a sweetheart! she is like 16 years old also and is such a delight. The conversion of this family is amazing. :) It will be a story to tell. But I bet Nessers is getting bigger and that will be so much fun to see her baby in April! I think I will just barely beat the baby to the USA haha :) Next week I will be getting my new missionary to train supposedly so that will be fun to train again :) Right now I am with Elder Marquiz and he is way cool as well. We are having a lot of fun :) and no I have not receeved any packages or letters and I will not receive them until President comes or something like that because the offices are in Torreon not in Durango :O But they will come! :)

I miss you all and know that I love you :)

Here is a picture of me one of these days of the week because I got sick because of the cold weather. It looks like I was a drug addict :O

November 25, 2013 letter

Hey family!
The news that I have for you is first.. I'm old and the second is that I had transfers today and I got sent close to my first area! I am in Durango Durango again living in a Colonia named La Victoria if you want to look it up. I am with an Elder named Elder Marquez and I will be with him for 2 weeks to learn the area and then I will be training a new missionary here. I am no longer zone leader after 6 months of doing that.  It feels odd just looking after 2 missionaries and not having to do a lot of reports. How odd :) But this last week I did 4 intercambios (interviews) with the missionaries to try and get them excited because 2 of them in 2 weeks are going to their house and the others we just had to visit because they were our district leaders. But I really enjoyed the area of San Luis for 6 months. I am not going to be able to see my 3 converts get baptized on the 7th but I got to spend my birthday with them as they got me a cake and it was wonderful! I love them. It is funny how much the Lord blesses me here on the mission. This last Saturday we had a conference with President Flores and our Seventy about the interviews that the members should be doing and that he wants them to start over and do it again. And then the Stake Conference on Sunday and we as missionaries sang as President Flores gave an outstanding talk. He always has so much spirit Ibet you 700 pesos that he will be a Seventy in the near future. He will end his mission in July so his time is also coming to an end. I learned so much from him. I love the mission and I thank you guys so much as my family for being there to support me. I hope Ryan and Carli are still preparing to go out and pronounce this grand gospel!
I love you all a ton and I will let you know how this week went for me here in Durango, Durango :)
Elder Cramer

Birthday photos

November 18, 2013 letter

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

I feel old haha. (21 this year)

And I did not have transfers yet because they are this next Monday that is coming up. So who knows:)  I kind of hope they don't change me for 2 more weeks because then I will be here for the baptism of cCaudia and her 2 daughters. They are super special :D But if not well at least I could see the conversion of them and feel Gods love for them! :) I will attach a photo of them and my companion. I saw the vid of the YMCA. What a treat to have Ryan and his friend there. Actually I knew every child there except one because of swim lessons. :) It made me miss working with the swim kids! But we had intercambios (meetings) with the assistants last week and it was nice to get another perspective on things. He showed me a talk that really helped me understand what is grace. It is called "His Grace is Sufficient." I bet dad will like that a lot. It changed my mind set a little bit :) 

How is the YMCA fundraising going? How is Ness and Curt doing as they prepare to be parents!! :) They are so ready and the baby can ride Macy like a horse to the church and things like that :) But I am glad you are all okay with the tornado! I bet the work out there is just zooming. I am excited to get involved when I get back. Just a few more weeks and then we will be skyping! I don't know where I will be so I cannot make arrangements yet, but as soon as I know I will let you guys know! Here is a photo! 

Elder Cramer