Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December 9, 2013

Buenas Noches,

Sorry that I am writing super late. It is because I had to come back to Torreon to get my new Elder for the mission to train him so we had to take a 3 hour bus and now we are going to sleep here in the mission home and receive capacitation and then tomorrow 3 hours back to our area. But I did receive my birthday present and I loved it! Here is a photo with my ex companion and I (Elder Marquez, but i was only with him for 2 weeks and now I am training the new Elder named Elder Vega) But it was a lot of fun and I know I have the best family! Last week I showed our bishop the page on de apresurar la obra. I hope that it helps him have a little bit bigger view on the work and how we need to work together! But that is what I want more than anything dad. To have some converts that make it to the temple.. That is the best feeling! And I don't have plans yet to talk (on skype) but I will work on that this week to try and obtain where and when and what time to do all of that! But just a little reminder that this next Monday will not be our preparation day, but it will be next Tuesday for a few reasons. that will happen for 2 weeks so expect to receive my emails on Tuesday for 2 weeks only! and I will try to get all of the information for Christmas and all of that jazz. How did Ryan play his trombone? Did he sound like a dead cow when he first started playing? Thanks again for the birthday gifts and keep preparing Kolten for his mission!  DO you guys as a family have a list of loved ones you want to help? Do it for family home evening and talk about what you can do each week to help them prepare to be taught by the missionaries (Inviting, planting seeds, giving them things to read...)

Pictures of birthday package with his ex companion and with his new companion.  Missionaries are not supposed to have mustaches!! (they are fake)  ha ha

Lo haran?

Elder Cramer

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