Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 29, 2012 Letter

Hey familia,

This week was really good with Elder Sosa. It was our first complete week together and he only has like 9 days left on his mission. He likes to work hard but sometimes I have to get him refocused because I catch him daydreaming about home haha. He is from Vera Cruz and is a really good missionary. He is teaching me alot of great things to help me personally. I am glad to hear all is good in Indiana and I am glad you all got the time to spend with gram and gramps. I feel like I can say whatever I would like to say when it comes to the church and about other things it is about 75% which is fine for me right now. I am dreaming in spanish and it is hard to talk in english as a matter of fact sometimes if I need to. I do not need any shirts or anything, actually I want to send a package to you guys with my sunbrero, and some candies along with my memory card of photos. I just need to find a box and send it to you guys already. I had an interview with the president the other day and we had a good laugh about me being in Texas! I really like my president and I will have him for all of my mission. This wednesday we will have a talk from someone from the chorum of the 70 I think. So I am looking forward to that. Also next week is Cambios so I will have my third companion in 3 weeks haha. My companion thinks I will be training a newby! I hope I am ready for that :)

Also my camera is not charging so I cannot send or take pìctures at this moment. So I bought a new cable today but it still is not working I am not sure why not.. Also I bought to dumbbells today because I am on day 8 of p90x tomorrow and the bands just are not doing the job. That was a birthday present to myself so I hope that is ok haha. 

But we are working hard in La Rosa. We are working with a handful of investigators but it is hard to get them to progress sometimes. I feel like sometimes people don´t know how much they need the true church in their lives. If only they could see the end from the beginning like Elder Uchtdorf says.

I hope all is well and I love all of you! 

Elder Cramer

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