Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November 5 letter

Dear Family!

What has happened since I have been here in La Rosa is that I came and Elder Ruiz was my companion. He changed to another area and I have Elder Sosa right now. He leaves for his house in 2 days and today came Elder Molina. He is from Peru. So for 2 days there are three of us living in our house. Elder Molina has 19 months on his mission so far and appears to be way cool. So I am looking forward to the following weeks here. But I am sad that mi amigo Elder Sosa has to leave. I only had him as a companion 2 weeks but he is awesome. And I don't have that card (phone card) anymore but I am hoping we can skype at Christmas time dad. Because that is what a lot of people do here instead of calling the family! And I am not sure if the package has arrived yet or not. The thing is it arrives in the offices and we don't get it until our leaders come and bring it to us. Also I have my package ready to send to you (Sunbrero, small presents for the fam, Letter, and my memory card from my camera) But I am trying to find a box to put it in. I am not sure how much it will cost but hopefully not toooo much to send to you all. I want it to come to the house before Christmas. And we don't have zone conference very often maybe once a cambio (zone conference) or something like that. And I am so happy that Kolten wants to serve a mission. That and Ryan are one of the biggest reasons I want to be a good example. I know that both of them will touch lives like no other. And I'll keep sending pictures as well :)

Thanks for all that you do and I am glad to be a Cramer and a missionary for the Lord!

Love Elder Cramer

The photos below are about the families I go to church with.  I also wanted to share the donkey photos of course.
photo 1- Logan taking charge of the donkey cart!!
photo 2-Hermana Ramona we reactivated her in the church this Sunday
photo 3- Jorge, we are going to reactivate him in this church if he goes one more time
photo 4- Karla Elena, new investigator and she went to the church this Sunday for the first time

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