Saturday, November 24, 2012

November 19 Letter

Dear fam,

It is hard for me to think that I will be 20 as well. Sometimes I just want to be like Peter Pan and never age because 20 is aging. But my zone leader is 27 years old so I don't feel very bad after hearing that... Also I am glad to get the updates for cada persona in our family. It is funny how things escolate when I am gone haha. Breanna looks like she has 18 years of age, Ryan will be goliath, Carli in college, a temple, Vanessa with like 5 kids (he is just kidding), and you and mom looking like p90x models. My oh my the blessings of the mission :) But yeah things here are good. My companion has 20 months already in his mission. He served one cambio in Peru because he could not get his visa for a little bit. He is really cool and is in tune with the spirit. He is a bit shy though so sometimes I have to take the lead with stuff but that is okay with me :) I am so stoked because all of my friends are leaving for their missions! Jake goes to Uruguay, Brendon goes to Brazil, and My friend Elizabeth will receive her call in like 2 weeks. I bet every call that we receive a small fiesta in heaven starts because of the blessings that will come for generations and generations to come. I am hoping that I will stay here in this area for Christmas because changes are on the 14th of December.. So it would be a bit down if I didn't know anyone for Christmas. But only God knows what is best for me anyways :) Dad where did you get those pictures that you had in your sciptures. They are like see through and I would like to put some in my scriptures as well to easily find stories. I think they are in your spanish scriptures if I remember correctly. And also something that I noticed this week is how you must have felt when I was little and you always invited me to go to church, read the scriptures, or to obey commandments and I didn't want to or you had to fight me to do it'  Many times that is what we are doing when we give people challenges to read or to go to the church because really we know of the blessings that will follow but when they do not complete them I feel really sad. So mom and dad, thanks for always inviting me to be obedient :D This week I got to dedicate a house because they were feeling some weird spirits so I was happy to do that for them. I had to use my little manual because it was the first time for that. I was humbled this Sunday in the church because we did not have many people attend in regards to less actives which we usually do. It is always good to get a subtle reminder every once in awhile :) Dad can you get me the email of Jace? I want to let her know I am still a warrior as I just finished the first phase of p90x in the mornings. I am waking up at like 5:45 everyday to workout. I feel more alive during the day when I give my body a bit of a challenge :D Thanks for all of the support and I love you all very much. I hope my package was received :) I couldn't send the sombrero because it costed a ton!! 

Love Elder Cramer

#1 Here is the beautiful mountains in the background of my area!
#2 Also some ponies that my neighbors here have
#3 And finally a member that we reactivated this Sunday and he is way sweet :)

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