Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 26, 2012

Dear Fam-I-Gram,

I am glad that you liked the package.  I still have not received mine from the offices but I asked the zone leaders about it and they said they will retrieve it for me on the 5th of December, so hopefully all is good in that category! And I really enjoyed the photos. I was going to send my sombrero but they wanted 800 mas pesos and I said No Puede Ser which means it cant be... So I ended up not sending it. But at least all of you got what I could send! I wrote a list of what thing goes to whom. So I hope you can give those gifts to whom it corresponds. Our investigators are iffy right now because each one has a situation but at least it is a challenge. This week my companion and I are going to see who really wants to progress and if they do not we have to stop visiting them for awhile because we can only teach those who complete our commitments. But Elder Molina and I are a good team. It is in this precise moment when Indiana and Lima, Peru unite :) haha But yeah I think I will be leaving the Rosa this next transfer in the 14 of December. And Elder Molina told me that it is best if I give you the number of the family that I will be with and you call me so that I dont have to worry about all that card and time stuff. 
Also each person receives the Book of Mormon and its doctrine differently depending on how prepared they are. Only the spirit can testify of it's divinity and sometimes we do not have control over that segment. But I can tell that our lessons and my knowledge of where the scriptures are and how to use them is increasing. I love the scriptures :) Also I have a funny story to tell that happened yesterday morning before church..: Elder Molina was in the back room and I was studying in 2 Nephi 9.. When I heard someone knocking on the door (7am in the morning) So I went over to the door thinking it was the zone leaders or something like that. But when I opened the door a smidge it was a lady around 50ish years old and I was a tad bewildered. But I only had a second to think when she barged in our house and told us she was going to sit down. And she started rambling about Joseph Smith because she was super drunk... I had no idea what to do. So Elder Molina and I were trying everything to get her out of our house because it was odd.. She fell asleep there in that chair for a good 20 minutes. Elder Molina was yelling that she had to leave and I was clapping really loud to try to wake her. So finally Elder Molina and I grabbed one arm each and we picked her up and we were helping her to her house when she said leave me and she took off. It was a really odd experience that is for sure. But the thing is while she was rambling, she told us that she was baptized in our church 10 years ago and she knows she should not drink but she couldn't stop. It just made me really grateful that we have commandments however strict they may seem to be because they protect us from the dangerous world that Satan is preparing for us. Each experience here on my mission is accompanied by a sweet lesson :) I hope you all know I have much love for you all and for our Father in Heaven!

Elder Cramer

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