Thursday, October 25, 2012

Two weeks of letters

Oct. 15, 2012

Hey familia!

I like all of the halloween ideas haha. Pumpkin mania in the cramer family. I have not heard much hype about halloween here. I am not sure if it is a big thing or not. But count your blessings that it is cool weather in indiana because i am still getting sunburned each day here in La Rosa haha. And the ward here is good. The thing that is lacking is references because we dont have many investigators. So we have to focus on less actives which is fine. We had 116 people attend church 2 weeks ago and this week we had 135. That goes to show you how much we are working with less actives because we dont have many investigators. Nontheless i really love this ward. And yeah i went on exchanges the other day with our district leader Elder Wagner. He is a really good missionary. I really like exchanges because i get the chance to see how other missionaries teach and preach. The more experiences the better i feel like. And i always like to hear compliments dad :) Thanks haha. But the thing is we never really hear  compliments or recieve recognition until we leave or are no longer there haha. But it does not have to be that way. That is why it is important always to tell the ones you love how much you love them or if someone has done something for you we should always give them a kind word. Because that is what i believe jesus chrsit would do. I really enjoyed conference as well. The talks i felt were really inspired and i am glad i had the chance to hear them in english! I just downloaded the priesthood session to my ipod beacuse i could not understand it in spanish. I am doing good here in La Rosa. I have not really given too many blessings. I still struggle with all the words that i would like to say but i am always trying to understand the holy ghost a little bit more every chance i have. I gave my companion a blessing of health the other day when he was not feeling the best. I think it is always a great feeling to know we are doing the work of the Lord through the priesthood. Our district this week has really focused on the confidence of the members and how we can win referneces to further expand our investigators. That is what we are going to work on this week to retrieve as many as we can. In our mission we have had in the past a ratio of like 1 of every 2 references was baptized. Hopefully we can keep that up haha. Yes in the MTC we used the videos of the district to learn. It is a really great program actually. My favorite is Elder Christianson. Because he listens to people really well and he is BUENO. Actually many of the people in this show are working in the MTC and i have seen them in person. They are kind of mini famous in the Mormon world haha. Anyways that is all for now. Hopefully i can get my creditcard soon along with all the other mail that i have not recieved yet haha.

Love Elder Cramer!

Oct. 22, 2012

From Paul to Logan - I'm adding this so his letter makes more sense.

Hola Handsome Elder Cramer,

Good evening!  It is Sunday evening and we just had the Sister missionaries over for dinner and to talk about the investigators in our ward and how we could help them move forward.  We shared with them your last letter about the Soccoro family and their 17 year old daughter.  We also shared the explosion experience with the dog.  We all had a good laugh with that.

How are you?  We got your question regarding the credit card not arriving yet.  Were you able to call the mission office?  Did they receive it?  We have confirmation on our end as mom said that they did sign off on it as they received it.  Let us know if you have it or the mission office has it, otherwise I will call them to confirm.

We had stake conference this weekend and I was under the weather and stayed in bed most of the day to recover.  We also had celebrated Bree's birthday- she is now 15 and proudly says that she has one more year until she can date.  After she pronounced that statement, I changed the age to 18.  Bree doesn't like my new rule!!  Oh well!!

I am looking around for a costume that would be fun at work.  I hope to find a fun one and that also would fit me.  

And guess what, Mom and I are back on the P90x.  You will not even recognize us.  I'm feeling good.  What do you think?  My abs are really coming along!!!!!  Mom looks great too!!

Hey hey,

I am really liking your p90x results dad.. The abs are really coming in nicely and Mom must be pushing you hard with the Push ups haha! This week was really good when it came to less actives.. We had 6 people come for the first time, 2 for the second, and 3 that reactived this week. We also had an investigator assist which is wonderful and her name is Maria Del Rosario! So in terms of less actives we are doing great and helping herd the sheep of those who wondered off back into the fold of god! 

Last night after all of our meetings we arrived at our house to plan and Elder Ruiz recieved a call that he need to pack his stuff and get ready to leave. This was unexpected but with our president we never know. So my new companion is named Elder Sosa. And he is way cool and this next week we are actually going to start p90x as well haha. But the thing is he only has 2 weeks until he leaves for his home. that is why this change is a bit odd. But he thinks i will train a new missionary in the next change. so i hope i am prepared enough to do that. But this week i have a few different goals.. I want to learn all i can from Elder sosa, i want to try and remember names of people and the streets, and i really want to focus on my example if i am going to prepare to train someone new in the mission. This ward is really great and i am glad that i am hear and with my new companion. My camera right now is now charging correctly so i am going to buy a new cable. And i have not yet sent the memory with fotos and videos because i wanted a testimony of Elder ruiz and i am going to ask for the Testimony of Elder Sosa as well. And i will give mine in spanish and i will talk to the family. Also i am going to send a sumbrero that a member gave to me. So i hope to send this package this next week or the following. 

All is good here in the rosa. I like all the updates and i hope all my friends and family are doing good. I finally recieved the greenie package from momma gardner but because of all the changes i didnt have a chance to send a letter back but let her know i recieved it and i am sending one on the way!

Elder Cramer

This letter was Aunt Debbie and Uncle Kenny Fowler

Wow debbster those doctors are going to think you have a Jimmer crush on them if you keep spending all your time in their office! haha well I am glad you are getting all healthy. I was thinking the other day about Zac the other day. and how really he is one of the most pure people on this earth and what a blessing it is to have him in our lives to show us the pure love of Christ. And then I thought about you and Kenny. You both have sacrificed a ton to take care of and nurture Zac and grandma. The blessings that you both will receive is tremendous. I think of before this life you and Kenny volunteered to take care of Zac and take care of grandma. And in by doing so I know that you both have grown a ton spiritually debs. I hope that you never get discouraged in this divine calling. The work of the Lord is often the most simple and sacred things that many people do not have the spiritually capacity to see. Look and Search for the blessings that you have, but not through the eyes of the world, but through the eyes of the spirit. Take a few minutes each day to open our guide, the Book of Mormon, to obtain that extra guidance that we need daily. I promise you, you will be able to see and feel the difference.

I love you and I hope all is well in the states! 

Elder Cramer

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