Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Letter August 27, 2012

Hey hey, Hola Hola
This week has been a great week and I have learned tons like always! My language is always increasing but I can tell the most from my understanding of what people are saying and I am starting to dream in Spanish as well which is different haha. I am glad your work is going swimmingly paps! I know a little bit is from blessings from my mission but a lot of it is blessings because of your service as a Bishop. This week I have done a lot of things for the first time. Like yesterday I gave my first blessing ever. To a little girl named Vanessa that was having troubles breathing and it is a wonderful feeling to promise people blessings from the Lord. As well it was the first time that I really felt my companion and I are working our tails off. Running from one lesson to the next which is sometimes miles away. But life in Mexico is always good and I am stoked for the opportunity I have to change habits and make new great ones! Like ironing, doing dishes, making my bed, loving study time for the scriptures, but most of all I love the chance I have to become more Christ-like and this week was patience for me because I expect a lot from myself but if I am obedient I know that all the blessings will come that I need. As well I was teaching a less active family with my companion and one of the sons brought down their pet. It was a whopper Duck that they have as a pet in their house and it was like what the Quack is going on. Also when I was walking in the street these big trucks drove by with 3 cages. Each one had a tiger in it and it was like OHH! Mexico is always full of surprises and the dogs here run rampant in the streets and there are always weird animals haha. In the chapel the other day was a big dove and I was trying to scare it outside but it flew right over my head and it scared me and I basically screamed like a girl...Right as the Bishop walked in. So now I am pretty sure he is questioning if I am an Elder missionary or a Sister missionary. Also which was funny is that we locked our keys in the house so we had to break into our own house and my companion snuck in but if anyone saw us they would probably think strange things about missionaries. Like we are the Gaddeanton Robbers or something! :) Anways my mission is always fun and I learn oooooodles. Hope all is well for the family and good luck in school. Thanks for everyone's support always
Love Elder Cramer
I have to take out some money from my own because we have no gas/food and we don't get more money until Saturday. But the church will refund the money that we need for gas so that is the good part. Just a heads up. I am starting today a little notebook because I think I am not keeping track of my money as much as I could. I love this scripture in 1 Corinthians 13:11 "When i was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things." I love this and it is one of my favorite scriptures in the Bible because this is my chance right now to grow up, become a man, learn new things, increase my testimony, rearrange priorities, and become what God wants me to become.. It is a slow but worthy process and I am stoked for things to come. Love Always Mom, Dad, Ryan, Bre, Carli, Vanessa, Curt!
*I sent grams and gramps a small email last week about birthday and anniversary.. SO i am way ahead of you :)*
Love Elder Cramer
Logan Cramer
12:12 PM (22 hours ago)

to me
This is what happens when I really want to get down in the nitty gritty of the scriptures. Look the part, Want the part, Be the part! :)

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