Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Letter - August 19, 2012

Como esta familia y amigos,

This week has been a great week of revelation and also a week to find
out what we can improve on as a companionship! After a baptism you
only want to baptize more but with this new form of missionary work it
soley depends on the members and their references and for that we are
lacking dramatically. Our ward has tons of people but basically only
60 actives. For that we have a tremendous amount of less actives that
we need to help strengthen. So this week my companion and I are
focusing on giving service to less actives and members to gain their
confidence so we can receive more references and increase the
assisance of our ward. We have a new district and zone after
transfers and both look very promising after this Sunday of missionary
meetings. I like that each missionary brings a different perspective
and bag of experiences that I can always benefit from. But weather wise
basically it rains every evening and for that what a blessing.
Yesterday we had to walk one side of our area to the other to eat
comida with a family and it was dead heat. And apparently Guadiana,  
Durango is close to the coolest area. So I will have to see how bad it
is other places haha. But my companion and I area always working to
try and teach in unison. Each time we teach we get more and more
practice! This week I am really trying to work on my patience. Because
a lot of the times in the street there are gangsters or people that
taunt or something like that and it is hard to just grit your teeth
and keep walking but I always want the spirit and for that I need to
just smile and wave and continue on my way. As well this week I am
going to strive to not waste very much time. Many members love just
chatting in their house after food or if we visit to reactivate they
just love the presence of missionaries but we are going to really be
aware of our time with all of the people here! I really love this
quote that I found "You may sometimes be tempted to say-- Will my
influence make any difference? I am just one. Will my sacrifice affect
the work that dramatically? I testify to you that it will. You will
never be able to measure your influence for good." -Elder Uchtdorf.

Ryan Happy birthday! I want you to know I am so proud of you for all
you do and I brag about you when people ask about our family! I have
the best brother ever and I am glad you are such a great example to
our family always! Love Logan!!!

Dad great job with the diet! You are da Hombre! Yo tambien ha perdido
un poco pesa aqui en mi mission. Estoy animado por el libro de p90x.
Estoy motivando mi companero en la mananas para ejercisio conmigo.
Tambien siempre estamos camindando todos lugares. Pero, me encanta el
tiempo para pensar a mi mismo. Siempe le tengo en mis oraciones y
muchas gracias por su ejemplo en mi vida padre! Vive en Mexico!

*only things i need as a missionary basically in packages is this
after i thought about it: p90x or insanity book, disney songs in
spanish, protein powder, and axe deodorant. I never really need
anything else because mom and dad prepared me for the end of the world
basically for my mission! :)

Love Elder Cramer

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