Monday, August 13, 2012

August 6, 2012 Letter to Family and Friends

Como esta famlia y amigos!

I feel sometimes like a news reporter about my life when I give my
weekly news haha but this week was really good I think. I am starting
to get better and adjusted to the food here which means I can work at
full capacity again which I am so grateful for!

Today as a district we took a bus to some mall and went bowling of all things! It was weird
to be in a place that appeared to be like the USA because I am more
used to the poor atmosphere I guess haha. But I think it is funny when
I walk around the town in the streets because I am literally the only
white person in this city. People either stare at me, trying to talk
to me in caveman english, or call me Gringo lol. But I am really
excited for some of the investigators that we have right now and the
opportunity to work with less actives! There are so many members that
do not go to church or do anything church related. It is so bad that
sometimes people do not even know who Joseph Smith is and they are
members.. It is because years ago basically the standards for a
baptism were a lot less. And for that we have many members that know
nothing. So we basically treat them as investigators. But right now
our church attendance is about 53 people for church. It is like half
of Manitowoc! Which is unbelievable!

My companion and I are really striving to motivate these people to do the Lords work. I find that
here in Mexico members are one of two things, either extremely
dedicated to the church or want nothing to do with it. But the more I
apply myself, the more things I see that begin to take place. If all
goes well our Investigator Maria will be baptized this Saturday! This
woman is remarkable and has been through so much. She is a mother of
like 7 or 8 kids and they are all grown up for the most part but they
are all involved in terrible things. Maria lives in a part of this
city that is terribly poooor. Many drugs and bad things take place
here. But it reminds me of the people in Alma when he was trying to
preach to the rich and they had hard hearts but the people who had
nothing were humble and ready to accept the gospel. This week we are
really focusing on her and hopefully she continues to desire to follow
the path of happiness! Other than that we have a mission leader but he
doesn't actually help us all that much. But each week I think our work
together gets a tad better (i hope!) I can definitely tell the
difference when as a companionship we are trying to teach a lesson or
teach the person. When we actually care for the person and help them
come unto Christ personally, our lessons are 100x better

Until next week!
Elder Cramer

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