Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Letter to Mom August 13, 2012

Yeah sickness is never fun but I am all over it now just like you guys haha. It is kind of funny that our family was all sick at the same time. But being sick made me appreciate how blessed I am just to be healthy . I can eat most all of the food now but I am hesitant with chili or peppers in the united states. The people here can eat them like they are candy, but it feels like a fuego (fire) in my mouth. The first pepper I ate with my companion, I drank like 3 things of milk because my tongue hurt so bad. I'll send a picture haha. But this week was amazing.  I had my first 3 baptisms and there is literally no greater joy in this world mother. But hmm. I don't think I need that many things but pictures are always the best. Oh if you could send the p90x book to me that would be amazing because I forget a lot of the routines. But other than that just send your love. I miss you  ton mom and I am making good habits like making my bed, brushing my teeth a ton, and reading-studying mucho. Love always your Elder

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  1. Glad to hear Logan is taking care of hygiene!! Mom's so proud.