Friday, March 1, 2013

Dear fam and friends!

To answer some of the questions that you threw my way.. Yeah the weather here sometimes is hot but right now and for the last couple of days it has been really cloudy as well. But when the sun is out it is almost like a guaranteed sunburn. And I dont really feel the desire to buy sunscreen because it costs a ton here. They really take advantage of the weather in that aspect. But this week we worked really hard for what we had and we are starting to see the fruits here which is really good! We have 7 baptismal dates and we are trying to prepare them to be baptized in the month of March so we will be very busy! My new companions name is Elder Cuevas or Elder Caves in english. He is like a mexican clone of Kolten so in that aspect I am really happy and I am trying to help him stay excited about the work of the Lord. It makes me think how hard I thought this work was when I arrived but you get used to it and learn to love it more and more. And I did recieve the tape recorder and I really loved it alot. Jackie really put alot of effort into that and I want to thank all of you for that. It made me feel really loved!! I will be working on giving you guys one back in the next few weeks because it is hard to find a whole lot of time to talk in that thing. Today we are going to play basketball and football as a district and afterwards we are going to a members house for a bbq. But I will make sure to send the tapes back. And with insanity I am a little bummed. Because what happened is that some other elders were going crazy with exercise and now all of those kinds of programs are banned and we cannot use discs and things like that. Neither protein because some elders were doing p90x and insanity in the night time and were not studying or planning so they ruined it for me. But what I did was write down alot of the moves and the routines so my companion and I still do it for 30 minutes each day in the morning so we can stay obedient and still have fun and have goals together. I am glad that the Lord has blessed me with this companion and with all of the experiences we are having here. But I am starting to feel weird because I almost have 10 months already... Where did all of that time go? But I am stoked because in May I will have a year, Elder Holland will come, and I can talk to my family. It is like an early Christmas or something haha. :) I am really happy and I want to tell you guys that I love you and I am trying really hard to earn blessings for all of my loved ones! Live the gospel and you will be happy. :)

Elder Cramer

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