Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 22, 2013

Hellllooo family and los demas!

Yeah just to start off I probably should not have starred the guy in the face like that but at least I restrained myself and did not do anything else. It was one of the times that at first I got mad but then the Savior flashed through my mind and I was not mad after that and I just let them have our cell phone. It was one of those moments like ¨What would Jesus do?¨ But this week was way good because we had two baptisms for Misael and also Marcos.  They were so happy and their family was supporting them a ton. I will add a photo of that at the end of the email. Their parents have not yet been baptized but that is because the dad is trying to divorce from his x wife so they can be married and then be baptized. I have faith that they will be a family for all time and eternity because I could feel it in the moment of their baptism! Also we are right now focusing on a family of 3. Pablito Juarez, Griselda Juarez, and Daniela Juarez. We found this family and we taught them to pray and they went to the church for the first time this week which I think went really well and I hope they learned a lot! They have a baptismal date for the 11th of May so we are preparing them for that moment and right now we are explaining the plan of salvation and we are really going to focus on how they can be with their family forever and eternity! We have our lesson tomorrow in the night time :) I am almost done training Elder Cuevas and I love that he is always thinking about the investigator and how the person thinks. That I think is his best attribute. He himself has a pretty rough family situation and he is hoping to receive many blessings for them as he serves the Lord. I think also that I will be transferred before mothers day because the first cambios are this next Monday so we will see what plans the Lord has for me. I have already been here in Gomez Palacio for 5 months now so who knows :) Elder Holland will be coming on the 25th of May so I am getting stoked for that! I complete a year on the 2nd, I get to talk to the fam, then the baptism of the family Juarez and then Holland. There is a lot to look forward to this month so I am stoked and ready :) And yes I am expecting to have another wonderful year and I am glad that Aunt Inez and the grandparents are doing so well. It will be great to hear from them as well on the tape to see how they are doing and all! I am glad that God has given me the chance to repent while serving him and for his sacrifice of his only son Jesus Christ. Families can be forever but we have to earn it. So Let´s as a family earn it :) 

Love your son and elder

Elder Cramer

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