Friday, April 5, 2013

This week's letter - April 1, 2013

Dear Family y Los Demas!

This week was really great because we had the opportunity to see Adrian Lomeli be baptized and it was fun and exciting to see the huge change in him over the past few weeks! We found him the first time and he was a firm Christian in another church and he based everything off of the Bible. We used to bible to show him that today there are prophets as well and I really saw an interest spike there in his eyes. As we continued to teach him we introduced the Book of Mormon and he was reading and going to the church and just eating up everything. On his baptism he arrived and we had everything prepared and then we were about to start when someone told us that he left the church and didn't know where he was. That made me a little frightened. But then 15 minutes later he came back with his 3 kids so that they too can feel and see his baptism. We were taking photos when I told everyone to do a funny photo as well, when I tried to do the Curt stance and my pants ripped in 2. That was indeed a funny picture in the end of it all. He was then confirmed this Sunday which is awesome and we are going to try and work with him this week to teach his kids and his family. (It may be hard because his kids are with his mother on the weekends) So we will see how it all turns out. There are cambios today but i didn't end up being moved so I am happy here with Elder Cuevas still. We are going to try and find all new investigators this week because we already baptized all of our investigators that were progressing! And yes my companion and I are doing something similar to p90x because we cannot actually watch the video. I made up a makeshift version. How are you all doing with your goals. And to answer moms question I want to be a Nutritionist after the mission and learn about what the body needs and how we can function the best. I want to help people lose weight and meet their goals. But we are playing soccer every Monday and I am getting better competing with the Mexicans every week. One day I will catch up with them! :) I love you all and I am glad to say my family is working in the obra del seƱor as well!!!

Love Elder Cramer

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