Saturday, June 9, 2012

May 30th 2012

Hello family!
This is just about a month of being here at the MTC and everything pretty much only gets better here except for one thing--the food gets incredibly repetetive here haha. Which is fine in the long run. I am about half way done with the book of mormon and i am absolutely loving it. I don't know why i haven't truely dove into it earlier haha! Yesterday we had a gentleman from the 70 come and talk to us about the importance of the Book of Mormon and the converting power it has when accompanied by the holy ghost. And it is true as blue because the Libro De Mormon is the best resource we have as missionaries to show people the truth and restored gospel of jesus christ on this earth today. If you think about it, with out the priesthoood.. the book of mormon would be a nice fairytale, baptisms would be a bath, temple ordanences would be a fantasy, and blessings would just be kind thoughts. I am so grateful for the priesthood and the restoration on the earth today. Without it there would be no book of mormon or any kind of fulness on the earth today. We would be stuck in a permanent apostacy. And who likes those anyways? :) I am going to try in the next month that i have here, to finish and complete the book of mormon cover to cover. Because how am i expected to teach those about the divine nature of a book that i have not truely read entirely for myself? I cannot. The book of mormon is true. And the power it has to make your heart want to change is tremendous. I hope you as a family are striving to read and apply the book in your lives :)
Dear ryan,
If you have grown a little already i am going to have to ask you to stop. There is a speed limit on the highways but in life there is a growth limit for you. Only one inch a year. Shake on it! And i wanna hear all about your races or your adventures this summer. Or else wilbur is going to get it and that is not fun for anyone. If you ever want to swing by in mexico and say hi just mount wilbur and trot on by. I'm sure the people of mexico could go for some bacon anyways :P Love you brother with all my heart and i hope you are preparing for your time as a missionary that will come faster than you could possibly know!
Dear Breanna,
I hope that you haven't made the state of indiana run out of BBQ sauce. That could cause alot of problems for those big hairy farmers that love BBQ. Don't worry, if you did i won't telltoo many people. Also make sure in the summer you practice bball with dad and curt. And if you forget to box out just remember how i used to box you out in the family room. take good care of rug since the last time i saw her she was trying to get the heck out of dodge. :) Love lots logan
Dear Carli,
Did you get accepted to every college in the country yet? If you say no then i would have to accuse colleges in other countries of offering scholarships as well then. You know, there are plenty of sturdy young men here at the MTC that look like they need a strong young women when they get back. I told them to keep an eye  out for you in 2 years. I hope you are doing good and i hope you are making good use of that piano. You were doing great and i can't wait to give a gander when i get home. Love you much carli!
Did i mention i love you and i hope you are staying strong :) It probably will give you peace of mind that when i am in mexico i will be protected from God. I promise to not make any silly jokes or get too wild where i would need a leash on me. So hopefully i will not stir up any kind of mexico revolution or something. My spanish is getting a little better everyday and i hope to be at least somewhat useful when i get to the field. Mom i love you for all time and eternity :)))
I have been writing in my diario cada dia y ahorra estoy muy divertido en el noche escribir mi experencias para mi ninos y my familia. I can't wait until i get the chance to come home and just laze on the couch and strike up a 5 hour convo in espanol. I am starting to understand why you think spanish is so beautiful of a language. It makes english seem like some sort of primative language in all honesty! I am trying each day to be a bit more dilegent in my studies because i know that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and sometimes, us cramers can get distracted! But i know the lord is with me and i pray constantly for the companionship of the holy ghost and a desire to learn as much as possible. Viva en Mexico. Siempre y por todo vez, Yo les quiero. Mi familia es muy importante en mi vida y yo quiero ser consigo en cielos. Yo se que nuestro padre celestial nos ama y el quiere que son mejor para nosotros. Este evangelio is verdadero y la iglesia de jesus cristo de los santos de los ultimos dios es jesucristo iglesia en la tierra hoy.
Les quiero mucho,
Elder Cramer

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