Saturday, June 9, 2012

May 23 {letter to Vanessa}

LOL vanessa your letter made me laugh a ton while other missionaries are typing so now they think im a creep. So be it... ;) But it surely has been an awesome roller coaster of emotions since i have been here. Spanish can get awfully frustrating at times sis! But i have been given the gift of tongues and i have the spirit as a constant companion to enlighten things unto me. I realize i have to rely on the spirit for basically everything i do here. It is crazy. We have 2 investigators that we are teaching right now (Our Teachers act as investigators from there mission and we have to teach lessons and we have to find out their needs) Also we do TRC which we have to teach lessons to real members. That i think is one of the funnest things to do because alot of the time we go in there and try to teach them but they wind up teaching us... Silly :)
Oh and good luck in your photography. May the photo be with you! You will do great like always though. and i bet carli loved that you got pictures for her. that was awfully meaningful i reckon. :)
Love you sis and thanks for the wonderful thoughts!

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