Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 20, 2012 - Letter to the Family

Helllo Family and Friends!
Elder Cramer here just for another update :)
I just wanted to note that i am getting kind of close to finishing the book of mormon as i am in helaman right now. And the temple is such an amazing place i am glad mom and dad got the chance to go visit again. It is so nice to have a temple so close to the MTC though it is just a few minute walk away haha. I am spoiled over here :) Yesterday we had a 70 come and talk to us and he talked about alot of things mostly about revelation and how alot of people seek it and expect a huge vision of some sort but really it is as easy as just highlighting a scripture in your book of mormon or just writing your thoughts down as you read. I really took that to heart and i realized that it is so true! Revelation just naturally flows if we are "good boys and girls" as bednar said in a talk. And alot of the times if we are prompted to do something and do not know why it is still revelation even if we do not know the direct affect of what we did. I recieve an email from one of dad employers from Blue Ash YMCA and she told me that i have great parents and that they are really great examples! I could not agree more and i find it really eye opening that someone would write me and tell me that :) Tender mercies of the lord i tell you, tender mercies. :) I want to share probably the most spiritual moment i have had in my life thus far except probably baptizing ryan. We had a testimony meeting with my district yesterday after devotional as usual. This time is literally my favorite time of all because i love my district to death and half of them at are going to heromosillos mexico are leaving a week early. So our district family will be split up. This hit alot of us hard i think and it showed in all of the testimonies. I all seriousness i cried like my dad during it because the spirit touched me so much. Elder hair talked about how he wasn't planning on going on a mission but his parents challenged him to read the book of mormon and he prayed about it after ward in his bed one night and alls he could feel was this rush feeling and he just broke down and the only thought that came through his head was that he is going to serve a mission. Another Elder, Elder Elsmore talked about when he first met our district he had a feeling like he has seen all of us before.. And he couldn't shake that feeling off of him. And it was not until yesterday that it dawned on him. He said he felt in his heart taht he has met us 11 in the heavens before this earth and that he was placed in our district for a reason to prepare to teach those precious souls of mexico. he said he knows he will also see us again to share our experiences if not in this life then the next. As if my heart wasn't touched enough our district leader Elder Penaugt gave a heart felt testimony about how he has been through alot of trials and how satan worked on him really hard so that he didn't serve his mission but he finally made it and he has never been more happier and that he knows that all of us will do wonders on our mission. These are just a few of the dedicated and loving elders that are out on missions right now about ready to give their all for a cause they know to be true. I am proud to stand before them and serve along side them and the Lord for such a cause as this. I know this is a true church and our Lord in heaven loves us. He has no other purpose than to give us all the opportunities in this life that he had so we can become just as he is someday.
Ryan thanks so much for writing me, the MTC is fantastic and i can't wait until i can support you on your mission and return the favor buddy! I love you and the rest of our family Mucho! And i realllly want a sumbrero haha. keep up the good work back home!
P.S. add this email to the email list please. He is my first teacher here that had to leave because he is getting married and he is probably the biggest positive influence for me so far on my mission. I love hermano Moberg with all my heart. I want to be like him as a return missionary :)

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