Saturday, June 9, 2012

May 23, 2012 {First email home}

Hey family and friends!
I am loving the MTC life. And my dad was right i have to watch the food because it is all you can eat and i don't wanna look like jabba the hut when i get home! The chocolate milk jeans are kicking in from dad though because i have a few glasses a day. I just got back from the temple and did initiatories. It is awesome to remember the covenants that i made and being able to do them for another individual that has passed already is a grand opportunity. My companion and i get to teach members every tuesday for 40 minutes. It is funny because we go in there and try to say our lesson in spanish and by the end of the lesson my companion are i are getting taught instead of us teaching the member. I love it though. And my teacher, Hermano Ball, has really helped me alot mostly by example but he is a great leader to me. He gets me stoked about mexico with all of his awesome stories!
Ryan, Great job on your race! i am just glad you didn't sniff everyone while you passed them. That woulda been a little odd :) but keep going buddy and keep being a good example for papa bear. With his surgey he should be able to run miles upon miles every morning with you! And hopefully u have a fun summer and get all brown from the pool like u usually do.
Carli, sounds like u had a blast at the lds prom! i bet you looked gorgeous. Keep chippin away at your education! you are as smart as they come :) Thanks for the dear elder you sent as well :)
Breanna, Haven't heard much from you. shows how much u care. Haha just kidding ;) hope you are doing grand.
Macy, you are a rug. But way to get mad at the cripple dog all the time. Patience is a virtue you silly.
Dad, i did get my clothes and i recieved all of your dear elders! I need the lightsaber by at least 3 weeks and i need it in blue. That is the one i wanted by the way so good eye :) Im glad you are feeling much better. Blessings of being a bishop i suppose! Can't wait to see you on p90x3 when i get back WOOT WOOT
My spiritual thought for now is that we can't lift others unless we are on higher ground. I love that because we need to first strengthen ourslves and build upon our own foundation before we can try to help others. And we have the best people on the earth today to be our spiritual lifters. Because they are on the highest ground namely Thomas S Monson.
Love you all
Elder Cramer

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