Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 6, 2012 - To Family

Hey Family!

Elder Cramer here with another important news feed to keep you updated for the week.

I am Elder Cramer and i will be your host today
This week has been a grand week full of spirituality, lessons prepared, taught, and distributed!
My companion and i are beginning to see the benefit of our hard work with the language and the lesson studies. Each time we become more in sync when it comes to unison and asking lots of questions. One thing i have been working on is sharing roles because in the beginning elder moore struggled with the language and i basically had to give it myself but as time goes on it realize we work better together and i really stresss letting him do and say more because he has a beautiful testimony and the more opportunities he recieves the more golden he becomes. I am greatful for him because Elder Moore helps me in the gospel and i help him with the language some. I also do at times get frustrated with spanish but it really is the true langage of zion :P it is 100% more beautiful than english. I often find myself struggling to pray in english now because i have been praying in spanish for over a month now.
Yesterday we had a devotional from a member of the chorum of the 70. His wise words were remarkable. I wrote 4 pages of notes. (btw i have never wrote more in my life between devotional, fireside, tesimonies, lesson plans, journal, and Libro de Mormon revelation.) But he said taht we are agents of the lord and that everything we do reflects him. that really hit home and also when he said Gordon B Hinckley worked and did his duty to god up until 3 days before he passed away dispite all the things go on in his life, that struck a chord for me. President Hinckley was no doubt a man of god. I hope to see that humble man in the celestial kingdom some day. Also he said that he doesnt know how people take their covenants so lightly in this life... I love this man and the words he spoke to us. I am grateful to be a servant of the one true church on this earth today. I am grateful for an amazing family on eath here today and also a loving family in the cielos. Yo se que jesucristo es nuestro salvador. Yo se que El murrio por nuestros pecados y fue el veradero disciplo de dios. Estoy muy agradisido por la expacion y jose smith porque sin el translucion, no tenemos la verdad in este dispensacion. En el nombre de jesucrost amen.

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