Saturday, June 9, 2012

May 9, 2012 - Mom/Family

Awh thanks mom! and yes i am doing grand. the waking up early can get me sometimes but being obedient is half of the test here! i sent a letter today so you guys should be getting it soon. Umm the first day was rough but i love it and my companion is way sweet. and i saw shaye and kaden and hayden should be comin real sooooon. I love the spirit i feel here and i love the lord. I went to the temple today and had a good experience. Yesterday for devotional  an apostle came and got me stoked about being a missionary. i am enjoying the MTC and i wont stop till i convert the nation of mexico!
Love elder cramer

 Hey Family!
Elder Cramer here and im a man of the lord :) I love the MTC and i love my whole district! There are 12 of us heading to mexico and they are all such good elders. My companion, Elder Moore, is 21 and he just got back from the army. He was in Iraq for like a year. Crazy huh? He and i get along great and even though his spanish isnt that great his spirit can be felt for miles! we are teaching juan which i said in the letter i sent to you but he is an awesome guy. He is from madrid and only understands spanish. The first lesson was brutal and i recieved many confused looks from him haha. But as the days come the more i can hear and say things in spanish. I credit that to the gift of tongues and i love being able to access it. I went to the temple this morning and the feelings that i feel there is totally worth going. You can definately feel a spirit there that you cannot feel anywhere else! I am trying to become an effective elder and day by day if i am obedient i have faith that my horizons will expand and my efforts will be for a great cause. I also said this in the letter as well but yesterdays devotional was amazing. Elder D. Todd Christopfferson came and spoked to us about the roles of the god head. He knew so much about the book of mormon it was mind boggling. But my favorite part was when he said that the first presidency need help so they called the 12 apostles, the apostles needed help so they called the 70's, the 70's needed help so they called upon the missionaries. And we as missionaries said yes to help in the greater cause to go to each corner of the earth and preach the gospel. I am honored to be engaged in such a work. Christofferson said that we are shoulder to shoulder with the apostles. he said that we are of one purpose and that purpose was to bring people unto Christ. I am grateful for the opportunity to be an instrument in the Lord's hands. I hope to be molded into the missionary and the kind of man God would have me be. I miss you guys and i hope you are all doing well. I know i am in good hands. And if i do get into trouible i have Elder Moore to do a barrel roll and take out some people :P. I miss you dad, mom, ryan, bre, carli, ness, curt, grandpa, grandma, tom, and many others. This experience of a mission is definately where i am supposed to be. Time to forget myself and get to work :)
Love Elder Cramer

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