Monday, June 18, 2012

June 13, 2012 -Family

Hey Family!
Just wanted to updated all of you for this week here at the MTC. I love it here more and more. I mean the schedule every week is basically the same but it is fantastic all of the new and sacred things that i hold dear that can be learned here time and time again. This week Elder Moore and i taught a TRC lesson (or a lesson to a member) for 40 minutes! That is the longest we have ever taught before. All of it was in spanish. We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ which is basically just the purpose of a mission which is to "invite others to come unto christ by helping them recieve the gospel of christ throgh faith in jesus christ, his atonement, baptism, the gift of the holy ghost, and lastly enduring to the end" It was one of our best lessons yet i think. Our other two investigators are going smoothly. Roberto (An investigator hermano ball had on his mission. He acts and plays the role of him as we teach. So it is like teaching roberto) is progressing a ton and we are going to commit him to baptism this week and Sebastion (not crabgrass, But he is Hermano Moburg's best friend that he has been working on the gospel with) is making important decisions in his life. I love teaching but it can be rough if you do not prepare of if you are having any cross feelings with your companion or not. It really shows in your lessons  if you have any at all lol. Yesterday we had a devotional from one of the 70. Per G. Malm i think was his name. He is a way sweet man. you can definately tell he is a man of god. He gave great advice on how to work hard and how a desire, working hard, and faith are all interconnected. But my favorite part that i hold dear and i shared in our district testimony meeting is when he said "We are on the Lord's Errand. That means he will bless us and be with us always. He will give us ANGELS to look over us." That part almost made me cry because it reminded me of my setting apart when i was blessed to have angels look over me. I know in my heart that is Grandpa Delbert watching over me and helping me become who the lord would have me be. Other than that i am falling in love with the Book of Mormon. I am in chapter f40 something of alma right now and i am just highlighting like some kind of animal because all of it is so good. I know for a fact all of the scriptures were made for us IN THIS DAY AND AGE. We can learn so much from the words of god. there are so many good examples of faithful servants of god. My favorite two are Obinidi and Ammon. I want to have enough faith to create miracles just as they did. Tomorrow at 5 a.m. 2 other torreon bound missionaries and i are flying to Las Vegas to get our visas. It is so crazy that in 3 weeks i will be a Mexi-Gringo. But i am honored to have the opportunity to do so. I just need to surrender myself to the Lord's will and forget about the rest! Breanna thanks so much for your letter. As always i love my family and i am glad god has given me such a fantastic support group haha. *Hugs and Kisses* Happy bday carli!! Dad i am happy to hear you are just a machine with your bionic leg and ryan you best be soaking up the rays in the pool haha. I always enjoy dear elders and i wanna haer more from Bre carli and ryan. Love everyone mucho y con mi todo corozon. Hasta Luego!
Elder Cramer

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