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June 20, 2012 - To Ryan Paul Cramer (little bro)

June 20, 2012

Dear Ryan Paul Cramer,

I just wanted to write to you and tell you how awesome the missionary life is.  Well it is a lot of hard work don’t get me wrong, but you faith in the church becomes much so much stronger. 

Ryan, I think the best part though is reading the Book of Mormon in personal study.  It may be a little hard to understand but you should have Mom or dad read with you a little bit each night.  Some of the stories are really cool.  I guarantee it is the best book you will ever read.  There is a prophet named Helaman and he led 2,000 warriors into battlge and none of them got hurt!  Or Abinadi, another prophet, had so much power from God nobody would dare touch him.  Or Teancum, who snuck into an enemy base and killed a leader of the bad guys in his sleep.

There is Ammon who converted an entire people, served with exactness, and cut off a bunch of bad buys arms.   Nephi was tied to a boat and he busted out of the cords because of his faith.  Another is Moroni who led so many wars and because of his faith he won so many of the wars he was involved in.  Then there was Zeezrom who used to be bad but repented and then helped convert tons of people.  And then Amulek who gave up everything to go preach the word of God with Alma and he was an amazing missionary.

Just like you will be buddy.  You’re such a great brother and I am so thankful for you?  Read the Book of Mormon and watch your life get strengthened like all of these awesome people in the Book of Mormon.


Elder Cramer

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