Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012 Letter to Family and Friends

Hey family and friends!

Well week three is just about over on the field and wooo it is so funny when it comes to the language because some people here basically can not understand a word i am saying but then others are amazed that i can say and understand so much already. I feel like i do it but if i do not focus and watch their mouths when talking i dont pick up anything. It really takes a ton of effort to understand like you said. My companion can understand me and i can understand him because his ecuador spanish is so much more pure. The people here mumble and slur words together like it is their job! But i continue to try my hardest. Once and a while i get down in the dumps when nobody can understand me but i try to stay focused and just say jokes in spanish with my companion and it is all better afterwards. My trainer is amazing and i am grateful for him. He loves english music but sometimes he doesnt know what the lyrics mean. I am teaching him english and he is teaching me spanish. But this week was kind of rough because we had 4 families lined up to come to church with rides from members of the church but all the members couldnt do it for some reason or another so that ruined alot of plans for this sunday. But a little 11 year old boy came which we werent expecting. It just comes to show me that the power of the youth or the power of testimonies is not always in adults. The young children can have tons of faith as well

Also during church i had an answer to my prayers and it just hit me. With all of my challenges or desafios in spanish, i need to look at them like they are a blessing like Ammon did in the scriptures when the robbers were coming for the king's sheep. His heart rejoiced in obstacles because it gave an opportunity to display his love for God and show his faith. I am going to try and display my love and faith for god this week by not getting down on myself if nobody in the world can understand me. Everyone can understand the language of the spirit and that is the goal i need to strive for. If i am obedient and do all that is asked of me the Lord is bound to give me blessings. From this point on we can no longer know doors or talk to people in the street solo en familias de miembros y no podemos ensenar personas sin un miembro tambien. Oh, woops. We need members for lessons now and stuff because it is our responsibility to teach and the members to give referals. This is a great way to have the members and us work together for one common goal of bringing the souls of people to god. This is a huge task to do though because alot of the members here are incredible strong in the church but about half of them do not go or are just incredibly lazy. Our job is to motivate them to want to help us basically. With spiritual thoughts and always offer our service. 

One thing i really love here is that maybe i cannot express myself every way i want to but i can serve like no other and i can demonstrate that i am happy with the gospel in my life. That says more than words many a times. Anyways i love all of you and i am happy that i have such a loving family and friends to always support me with whatever i need. I pray for tons of people everynight and morn. Vive en Mexico! 

You can send all cards and packages to the mission home.

And thanks for the advice dad. I really take all of your experiences to heart because you are my example :) 

Love Elder Cramer

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