Monday, July 2, 2012

June 27, 2012 -  To the Family and Friends

Dear Family & Friends,

This is my last few days in the MTC. UI am leaving in 5 days and my companion already left for mexico on tuesday morning. So thatwas a real eye opener for me that it is right around the corner! Right now i am in a trio and i thought that your get along with your elder pills could not have come at a better time but so far being in a trio of elders is not that bad. But! I have to tell you all something. Yesterday we had a devotional but it was a little bit different because there were 200 new mission presidents here at the MTC for training because they just now got called to their missions. That meant that the apostles were present. So for the first time in my life i saw so many apostles were present and i saw them with my own eyes! Elder Holland, Elder Bednar, Elder Oaks, Elder Anderson, Elder Perry, Elder Christofferson, Elder Elder Ballard, Elder Scott, Elder Cook, and Elder Nelson. It was fantastic and i couldn't believe i was in the presence of such spiritual giants! L. Tom Perry gave the devotional again but i was enough just to see and feel their spririts. Afterwards the 7 elders that are left in our district had a very personal 3 hour testimony meeting just sharing experiences and thoughts and doubts that we may have had about the church. It was really eye opening and i love my district family with all of my heart! Mexico is in 5 days and i am soooooooo stoked to help others come unto Christ but i am also so nervous as well because i don't want to mess up anyones salvation lol. It is kind of a big deal. But if there is anything that i have learned here at the MTC is that i need to rely on the Lord for everything. It is not through my own strength that i can overcome obstacles and challenges it is through the enabling powers of the atonement like bednar said in one of his talks i read. Also i watched the talk bednar gave in 2012 about the characters of Christ. I advise everyone who wants to become closer to the savior to watch and apply what he says to your life. It made me realize that many times in my life i am carnally thinking.. He compared it to the cookie monster that everything is about ME, COOKIE NOW, Mine. It is so single minded and that is not how god intended for us to be. He gave all the examples of Christ and the charity he has shown to everyone around him. Only through service and brining others unto the Fold can we really see and feel the love god has for us. Christ said to peter not once or twice but three times "Do you love me?" Peter responds "You know i love you" And then Christ replies "Then feed my sheep" That is so true that we can show how much we love christ and how much we love god by keeping his commandments and by showing him how we love him by taki9ng care of his fold. I know that this is how we can retain happiness in this life and i know that there is no way that this church is not the true and only true church of God. I love my family and i love that we can be together for all time and eternity. I can't wait to be married and sealed in the temple for all time and eternioty with my wife and i am glad i have such amazing parents for examples and that have shown me the way to eternal happiness. I hope i can show christ and god my love for them by the amount of hard work i do and by the sacrifice i give for just a small portion of my life. Please keep me in your prayers as my prayers are always directed toward you all. Love you with all of my heart and the next time you talk to me will be on the way to the promised land! (Mexico)

Love always,

Elder Cramer

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