Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16, 2012 Letter to Family & Friends

Hey Family and Friends,

Loving it here in Guadiana, Durango. It is indeed another state because our mission consists of 3 different states apparently! It rains here at least once everyday which i really like because it feels really good, but it also makes things really muddy at times. But honestly nothing feels better than serving God in the rain because you feel like nothing can stop you. I am getting used to walking everywhere. I probably lost nearly all the weight i gained in the MTC already which is really good. But right now we have a really promising investigator named Margarita and her family is mostly mormon but she is not so we have been teaching her and she went to the church this last sunday and all is going well so far! We did have Emanuel as an investigator and i think he had faith in christ but his parents basically yelled at us saying they are catholics and nothing will change and the fact that Emanuel was doing some bad things like selling drugs we are not wasting our time with that! Hopefully he finds the need to chagne his life somewhere along the line. Mexico is really amazing and i love the people. Some people here, literally have nothing. We taught a recent convert to get referals and she did not have any furniture so she took a bucket and we sat on a plank of wood ontop of the bucket. But this lady was incredibly happy and that is what i love about it here. Some people can have close to  nothing and they are perfectly content with that and their believes. Our bishop is really cool. They have a strong family as well. My companion and i make alot of jokes whle walking everywhere because i am starting to get better at speaking a little bit. At least i can pick up about half of the things people say now but usually that is enough to get the general point across. My companion and i have high hopes for this up coming week. We helped a young man named Hafith become re-activated. He is way cool and i like him the most because he can speak english. But he has been going to many lessons with us and i hope he goes on a mission. I am really pushing him to go on one. There should have been like 3 pictures on my last email and i am sending 3 more right now. Every morning when i wake up my neighbors have like a pet rooster or something and it just goes nuts lol. I am used to it now but the first week i was going crazy! My district is really cool and we had a really great lesson yesterday. I think it is cool to see other gringos like me after like 18 months of their mission because i can see how much god has worked on them and they are really fantastic people. My faith is growing each and everyday and i am striving to be perfectly obedient. Obedience brings good things, Perfect Obedience brings Miracles.

Mom i will keep that in mind with the money stuff. I dont want to use a ton. I just had to use some because Migration took alot of money to get some kind of Identification thing and i like to have food so i needed some haha. But I love ya mom and i am safe :)

Debbie/Kenny thanks so much for the jumprope i use it every morning and i am keeping your fam in my prayers constantly

Ness/Curt, I think that answered most of your questions as well :) We will all be in different countries soon enough\

Siblings, read the book of mormon, it owns haha

Until next week i love you all and i want to make all of you proud :) 

Elder Cramer

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