Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hey fam.

I really loved the photos that dad sent me (these were of our mustache party for Vanessa's birthday). And no I did not receive the recorder yet. I just received insanity the other week so I think I won't receive the other package for at least 2 more weeks. But patience is a virtue and that virtue is already a close friend of mine that I have learned on the mission. And I have news that will probably change my life... In a month or so a Seventy of the church will come and visit us here in the mission. But if that is not good enough in May or when I complete a year in the mission... Elder Holland is going to come officially to the mission. I have a feeling he will get us excited about our work!  I am just so stoked for that and I know I will feel the spirit like crazy. When I saw Elder Holland in the MTC just sitting there, I got chills in my bones. He is my favorite apostle along with Elder Bednar.. But right now Elder Elsmore and I are trying and fighting to work in both areas still. It is hard because it is one day there and one day here. One day Elder Elsmore and I got really depressed because all of our lessons fell through and we felt like all of our efforts were in vain. And I was doubting some things personally in this moment. But then I felt like I received personal revelation because the talk from Elder Christofferson came  to my mind about ¨Those god loves he chastises¨ or something like that because a quote from this talk came to my mind.. Ï am the gardener here.. I know what I want you to be¨ In this moment I became grateful for the challenges that we have right now because if not for anything else God is helping me grow into the man that he would have me be.  I know there are no coincidences. We have trials, tests, challenges, difficulties, and heart aches for a reason. We can take it and pout or we can take it and learn the lesson that God would want us to learn and I know that is true and I am still here in Mexico pulling my personal cart to Zion :) 

I love you all and keep being what God would have you be.. We will see each other sooner than you think :D

Elder Cramer

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