Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 3, 2013 Elder Cramer in the House!

Hey hey hey :)

Elder Cramer adento la casa!

I just completed 13 months yesterday.. I cannot believe how fast time is flying by haha it is like not even fair. It is weird because the less time I have the more I want to work, the more I work the faster the time flies by so it is like.. What is going on? Whos in charge? Who gave permission? - A little quote from Papa Cramer. But in San Pedro  we have seen a lot of results because normally we have like 50ish people in the branch. Yesterday we had 72 people in the church because we had a family of visitors from Texas of about 7 people and also we had a family of 5 that came for the first time to investigate and they really liked the church and all that has happened.. so that made me super happy becuase we are helping out this family. The mother has a tough situation with her husband because he beats her and the kids have to deal with all of that emotionally and they were not very close to God when we found them. But now they are reading, praying, and going to the church and it just shows me how much God helps us in our difficulties. I know he is there and he knows what is going on in each of our lives. But about the sun.. It is just baking me like a thin strip of bacon in a frying pan haha. I have never sweated so hard.. But it is worth it when we have a lot of lessons and when we are helping some people to go to the church :) And thanks so much for updating me about the family because I like to know all of the details so I can imagine that I am there with you in the family still. And yes right now Elder Muñoz is learning a lot and he is super prepared compared to when I came to the mission because I did not have a solid doctrine background but he already knows a ton for a new missionary. Also it is kind of funny to see that sometimes a lot of people do not understand him because the Spanish in Chili is a little bit different so I tell him that is exactly how I felt when I got here because literally nobody understood me and I did not understand anyone else haha. But I am happy here right now and this next week we are gong to put some baptismal dates and I will also have another exchanges with Our zone leaders this Thursday so I am looking forward to that to learn more and have more good experiences! Here is a picture with my new car on the mission! It makes alot of strange sounds at times though :) I love you all a lot and keep working in the work of the Lord.!!

Elder Cramer

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