Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Logan and friends - July 29 letter

Hey Hey Hey,

I am in a constant battle with this sun here. I bathe in this sunscreen but it still burns me. Oh well at least the president knows that we are out working. This last week we have found new investigators some that are progressing but what made me sad is only 2 went to the church. I know that they cannot receive a full testimony of the gospel if they do not go to the church. It is a huge building block to see what we practice and teach within the walls of the chapel.  These last 8 months I really want to try and be the best.. I know God gives me a lot of impressions, it is just finding out if it is my own impressions or the spirit that sometimes is the hard part.  We are going to have a baptism the 24th of August with a man named Gil and he is such a good guy. He leaves work early on Sundays to go to the church, he left his girlfriend that he had for 10 years because he learned about the law of chastity. He is going to go with us to visit our new family that we met named Gerardo to help him go to church this week (I will attach a photo), and he just signed up for a year of the Liahona. He is what we call a golden investigator.  I am stoked for him and we are trying hard to find and help these new investigators progress. This Sunday we got like 6 references from the new program that we are doing so we are excited to contact them and work with these families!  Also I had to take out a tad more money this week because I lost something that made me super sad.. I did exchanges with an Elder and he was calling an investigator to be interviewed by me but meanwhile I was contacting a lady on the street so I placed my scriptures on the telephone booth.. and I forgot them there and my backpack was full with my clothes for the next day so I did not realize the weight difference. So I lost my year and 2 months of revelation and the little pictures in the scriptures.. I bought new ones and they should come to me when we have the next consejo con Presidente.. But right now I am just using a Book of Mormon that we give away and I am borrowing a bible from a brother in our war . I feel naked without my scriptures! :O But other than that I am loving my time here and Elder Ringer and I are trying to be a good example for our zone. :) I love you and serve the Lord because he will serve us 200% :)

Elder Cramer

The picture is with a new family that we have this week. Gerardo, Gerardo junior, and his daughter. They are super awesome but I think the dad is a little hesitant to go to church. So Gil is going to go with us and the son of the Bishop here to befriend Gerardo jr. and to go to the youth activity on Tuesday. We are stoked for them :) (They are reading the Book of Mormon and are in 2 Nephi)!

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