Tuesday, August 20, 2013

3 letters from Logan - they seem to be getting smaller, but we feel his desire to do his best!!

August 19, 2013

Hey hey hey!

Thanks for the updates for the week haha. Sometimes what we all need is a small break to recharge the batteries. Something that I have noticed since I have been out on the mission. when I started I only wanted it to talk to the family and to basically have a break but now I just feel like I wanna work and go visit people hah. Actually I only have like 3 more minutes to write this but the most special part about this week was when we visited 2 investigators and the lady was super nice until we said Joseph Smith and she turned into a different person saying that he is a false prophet and that he committed a ton of sins and she saw it in an encyclopedia and this and that. She said the Book of Mormon is false and all these things. my companion and I were trying super hard to listen to the spirit and we testified like I literally think I never did without getting mad or anything because the atmosphere was really intense. She said she would read the Book of Mormon again to see if it is true and her daughter as well. We have plans to visit her this week with another sister from the ward that had similar thoughts about Joseph Smith before and she is a rock solid sister in the church now with the biggest testimony!  Also we will be baptizing Hno Gil so we are stoked for that and we want to keep up the baptism streak! He is such a great guy and already goes with us to lessons and testifies. The ward has planned that he will be called as a ward missionary to help us out in the work. We had a meeting to coordinate better with our leaders and us because really there is 0 communication right now and we want to work hand in hand like you said. I love you all and know I am giving my all!! 


August 12, 2013

Wow what a sweet experience haha. It was worth all of the effort to go there because Jacci and her husband are following Christ! The missionary work is the best isn't it haha. I was just thinking like we can work for the Lord and it has eternal significance or we can do whatever looks appealing to us which just brings momentary pleasure. I feel like the eternal always is better than momentary! Right now just for an update well we are trying to get everything organized in our ward here because our ward mission leader doesn't really have that much time to help us out so we are going to have a meeting with bishop on Wednesday to talk about our goals and how we can help this new plan to get functioning! But we are trying the best we can right now meanwhile haha. In our 8 companionships in our zone, we have 5 that are training new missionaries and then there are the district leaders and us. So basically everyone that can be training in our zone is training so that is really neat to see! How is the work in our ward? Are we seeing progress? It sounds like everyone in our family is just doing dandy and is growing up a ton haha. I guess there are a lot of blessings when we all try to serve God to the fullest :) I hope you can feel my love from here and know that I  am trying my best. I have to run actually because I have to do a report of all the less actives that have been reactivated in the last 3 months so I am going to start that right now before we don't have any time left. Love you lots and these next few months will be the best I know it!!!

Returning with honor :)

Elder Cramer

August 5, 2013

Dear beloved family!

Thanks so much for ordering that backpack thing because I don't want to look like a tomato in his yellow tinted shirt from sweat hahaa. I actually just had to do all of the changes last night which was kind of hard to do because we had to plan how each missonary will arrive and Elder Ringer my companion got changed to another zone so I am senor companion and I hope I will be a good example for elder Nuñez as he is a new zone leader. We are going to work hard to put a great example for the zone as well so we can all have a lot of success. We also yesterday gave a zone conference and we taught about the importance of unity and we taught by using mirrors so they can see if they are united or if they are trying to teach by themselves. Also we talked about the love you need to have for your companion. Also in the church we gave a conference for the ward from preach my gospel about lesson 3 which is the Gospel of Christ and I think it went well. So I am all conferenced out hahah to say the truth, but I am ready to find some new families that are looking to change their lives! I am really enjoying my mission and I know if I can live my mission here obediently I can live the rest of my life in the same fashion. And reading about Bill makes me think how many people each of you know that would accept this gospel and are just waiting for that special invite. I hope your job and your calling are all going splendidly! I feel like the past 6 weeks here in San Luis has just flown by because I have never been more busy or happy in my whole life haha. We are going to baptize a man named Gil who has changed completely and is joining us in visits to other investigatos even before his baptism! He will be a rad convert for sure! Make sure you keep an eye on Breanna with all those boys chasing her like stray dogs on the street and Ryan because just a wink of his eye has all the ladies drooling. I give you all a lot of hugs and know that I am grateful to have such a great family. Dad tell me about when you were a leader on your mission. What did you think and do? Fill me in :) 

Love Elder Cramer

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