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Aug 26 and Sept 2 letters

September 2, 2013

Happy Labor day! I didnt even know it was labor day!

No here I don't think there is such a thing as labor day, at least I have not heard anything at all. First off happy birthday to Curt and to Ryan because I didnt wish them a happy birthday yet! :( LO Siento mucho. You all know I love you. This last week was like super wierd because President called us like a week ago that we have one week to have a house prepared with all of the things in it so that another pair of missionaries can come in our zone in Matamoros. So for 3 days we were contacting in the streets of Matamoros and finding houses for rent and trying to get things ready. I know all of Matamoros right now as well as San Luis where I currently am stationed. But like a day before the missionaries were going to come, the secretary to the President called us telling us to cancel everything because a few missionaries got sent home or something and the location that got canceled was us so that was a bummer but sometimes things happen so oh well. We some amazing baptisms this week. Antonia in our area and Alfredo in the area of San Luis 2. So it was so great to see both sides of a young baptism and and elderly baptism. We had to have 2 people lower sister antonia in the water. Her son-in-law baptized her this Saturday and it was marvelous. The only thing that worries me is that we basically didn't have any time to work in our area this week so we don't have many more investigators that are progressing so we have to start the quest to find those who want to follow Christ. But also this Saturday we had a special conference with 3 zones and a district and I had to direct the meeting because it was in our Stake Center so I felt like a Bishop and it was nerve racking at first but it all was okay afterwards. :) So many new experiences being a leader but I think it is all for the best. And then this Sunday my companion and I gave the Holy Ghost to Hna Antonia and then it was the day to give our testimonies! And Alfredo gave an astounding testimony and I think in a few years he will be a Bishop or something. It is great to see his faith and he goes to institute every day and makes friends in the church. And the best part was when 89 year old Antonia made her way slowly to the pulpit and bore her testimony of the Book of Mormon and the blessings she has had in her life. She didn't know how to read but she gradually started to read the HUGE Book of Mormon that her daughter bought her in the temple and she loved it and she wanted to know more. That is when we came and taught her about the rest and she is just such a cute woman and I love her like my own grandma as well :) I will attach some photos! and I got my backpack and I am also doing a recording for Jackie right now and for some of the friends she put on my recording. I am stoked for Jackie and Scott because I know God has something really special in store for them! And I am still here in San Luis with Elder Nuñez and I think I might get transferred in 2 weeks but who knows. I will have our zone leader council tomorrow in the morning super early. I am eager to see what President has in store for us! And Cooper looks like a boss! He is mine :) He can live with me in the garage. Tell Ryan the art of music comes line upon line as well. Like me and my trumpet. I was the best ;P  Here is a picture of Antonia and Alfredo. And also a family that we are teaching with Hno Gil and Hna Delia. I hope they can go to the church soon because htey have not gone yet.. :(

But soon enough!

Elder Cramer :)

August 26, 2013

Wow that email made me so happy haha. Mas que nada porque Dios esta poniendo los medios por scott.. :)  It is neat to see how all of the places that we have lived are progressing and making their decisions. Each one of us has choices to make and paths to take but it is hard when we do not know where we want to go. Like Chesirre the cat in Alice in wonderland.. she asked which path she should take and he responded that depends where you want to go. I know it is the same with us. I want to return with honor with our Heavenly Father as a family and that is what I desire for all of my friends as well. I know that if we really love our friends or family we will invite them to come to Christ and not be scared. I invite you and mom and the kids to invite your friends to listen to the missionaries without being scared of the response :) And thanks for helping Scott. he is an awesome guy for sure and I want to take a mini trip to visit him and a few other friends that I have planned. But this week was awesome because we baptized Gil Lopez Salas. He is an incredible person and always wants to go with us to visit new families and he wore is white shirt for the first time in the church to be confirmed a member of the church. It was so neat to see his conversion as he left his Ex girlfriend to follow of the law of chastity and to see him go to family home evening with our families. I hope he can always stay in the church and progress. I can see him being a good leader someday. Dad if you want to or when you have time give him a call and talk to him. Here is his number! 8712424301.
Here are a few photos of the baptism! This Saturday we have another baptism that I am excited for because it is such a wonderful and precious women named Antonia. She is 90 years old and reminds me a ton of Aunt Inez when she was 90. She still walks all over and is super smart! She is reading her Book of Mormon the huge version so she can read it and her biggest challenge was that before her mother died she told her to never change religions from Catholic. But we explained that her mother has already accepted these teachings and that the daughter of Antonia already did the work for her in the temple. She knows Joseph Smith is a prophet and loves to read the Book of Mormon. The first lesson we had with her we asked her what is a prophet. She exclaimed! Joseph Smith!

She is such a cutie and I will send photos of her baptism the next week. I received the package from Curt and Ness and my companion and I thank you because I shared with him. Also I received the tapes and I will work on sending those back as well. I want to send one to the family and also one for Jackie because she worked so hard on the other tape I sent her. Make sure to look after her as well.

Hno Gil es el Chaparito el la pila. El otro es Hno Bracamonte. Son amigos alli en la iglesia! :) Voy a regalar Hno Gil un triple con una foto con su bautismo y mi testimonio

Como dije a Nessa que tambien este Domingo un hno me va a hacer un forro por mis nuevas escrituras que a penas vinieron para mi entonces estoy super animado! Tenemos que enfoquar mucho en encontrando nuevos y poniendo fechas porque ya nuestros investigadores empezando ya tienen que ir a la capilla 5 veces para poder bautizar para que sean conversos reales! :D

Elder Cramer

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